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These 2 Steakhouse Chains Are America's Favorite Dining Destinations, New Data Shows

A new study ranked the restaurant chains that leave their customers the most satisfied.

America is absolutely packed with great chain eateries where customers are treated to a consistently good meal and dining experience. However, according to new data, Americans adore two chains known for their affordable steaks and casual setting more than all of the others. 

Texas Roadhouse and LongHorn Steakhouse are officially America's favorite dining destinations in 2024, according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Restaurant Study released on June 25. This edition of the annual study was based on more than 14,000 customer surveys conducted over the 12-month period that ended in March this year. 

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Participants were first asked to rate their recent experiences with major full-service and fast-food chains, then those ratings were used to assign each chain a score out of 100. Higher scores indicate higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

Texas Roadhouse storefront
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Texas Roadhouse and LongHorn Steakhouse received the highest score (85) out of every chain considered in the study. This marked a significant jump in the ranking for both steakhouse chains. Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn, and Cracker Barrel all tied for second place among full-service restaurants in last year's ACSI study with scores of 82, while Outback Steakhouse took the crown with a score of 83.

The ACSI attributed Texas Roadhouse's and Longhorn's rising popularity to their focus on providing good value and experiences for their customers. CNN reported that LongHorn, for example, increased the size of most of its steaks after the pandemic to give customers more bang for their buck

While Texas Roadhouse has been raising its prices to offset the rising cost of beef and other essentials, the chain said it has collaborated closely with operators to ensure those price hikes don't threaten its value. 

"LongHorn demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction by countering the shrinkflation trend and providing more value to diners. The chain is also working to maintain a quality-focused culture," the ACSI said in a report on its 2024 survey results. "Meanwhile, Texas Roadhouse is focusing on keeping prices low, despite inflation, while investing heavily in staffing to maintain team continuity."

LongHorn Steakhouse exterior
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Olive Garden received the third-highest customer satisfaction score (83) among full-service chains. The Italian-American chain was followed by Cracker Barrel (82), Chili's (80), and Outback Steakhouse (80).

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A received the highest customer satisfaction score (83) from every fast-food chain considered in the ACSI study. This is the chicken chain's tenth consecutive year in the top spot, though its 2024 score is slightly lower than last year's rating of 85

KFC came in second among fast-food chains with a score of 81, while Arby's. Culver's, Panera Bread, and Starbucks all tied for third place with 80 points.

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