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5 Best Secret Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse

You'll find dozens of tantalizing items on the menu, but there are exciting options beyond those listed, too.
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Texas Roadhouse is known for many things. Fans love America's fastest-growing restaurant chain for its array of hand-cut meats, its fresh-baked rolls, its fishbowl-sized cocktails, and its line-dancing wait staff. Famously open only for dinner during the week, Texas Roadhouse offers an affordable, fun steakhouse atmosphere that caters to the entire family. Its menu is decently sized, with all of the steakhouse essentials written out clear as day.

Beyond the menu, however, there are a few select secret menu items that customers may not be aware of. Whether it's an upgrade to a popular appetizer, more options for the littlest diners at your party, or a sweet way to end dinner, there are even more options to choose from than some diners realize.

The next time hunger strikes and Texas Roadhouse is the solution, keep these secret menu items in mind. Also, remember that some secret menu items may only be available at select locations, so double-checking with the server before ordering is always advised.

1. Pulled Pork Cactus Blossom

Outback Steakhouse is not the only steakhouse chain with a tasty "blooming" fried-onion appetizer. Texas Roadhouse also starts dinner off strong with its app called the Cactus Blossom. This "Texas-sized, golden-fried onion" comes with a Cajun dipping sauce, but many customers do not know of a secret menu item they can build themselves using other ingredients found on the Texas Roadhouse menu.

This concoction went viral on TikTok thanks to employee @pimpvanillaslim, who let customers in on a tasty upgrade to the Cactus Blossom. When ordering the app, ask the server to add pulled pork on top. The meat is available on other menu items like the Pulled Pork Sandwich, but the protein can be added on top of certain dishes, like the Cactus Blossom. The result is a marriage of flavor and texture, thanks to the crispiness of the fried onion and the juiciness of the pork. Add a drizzle of barbecue sauce for a sweet and salty combo.

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2. Smothered Blossom With Jack Cheese


Sticking to vegetarian meals at Texas Roadhouse is tricky but not impossible. If a Pulled Pork Cactus Blossom sounds like too much, there are other ways to customize the popular appetizer that aren't listed on the regular menu. Over on TikTok, @kirkwoodtexasroadhouse filled its followers in on a secret menu item that involves a Smothered Cactus Blossom with Jack Cheese. Simply put, melted cheese makes just about any dish better.

Commenters were quick to chime in with other toppings that can be ordered on a Cactus Blossom, from green chiles to jalapeños. Inquire with your server about what toppings are available, and the Cactus Blossom will be elevated instantly. One commenter even mentioned "Loaded Blossom was something we pushed at my store," so the servers may already be in on the secret when it comes time to order.

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3. Kids Grilled Cheese


Texas Roadhouse Secret Menu Items with a suprise one at the end WITH PRICES! #texasroadhouse #texasroadhouserolls

♬ The Big Bang – Rock Mafia

Kids have plenty of entrées to choose from at Texas Roadhouse, including their own sirloin steak that fits perfectly with the steakhouse vibes. Surprisingly, however, one of the most popular kids' menu items is missing: a classic grilled cheese. Despite Texas Roadhouse having arguably one of the best kids' menus around, there is no grilled cheese in sight. Parents need not fret, however, as they can still make sure their kids are satisfied with their go-to order at restaurants.

In her roundup of secret menu items on TikTok, @pimpvanillaslim mentions that customers can order a grilled cheese as a secret item off the kids' menu, and the server should be able to ring it up. And if adults want the grilled cheese for themselves, they'll be happy to know that it's only $5.49. If you do not see grilled cheese listed on the menu at the nearest Texas Roadhouse location, ask the server if it's still available to order.

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4. Ice Cream


Texas Roadhouse Secret Menu Items with a suprise one at the end WITH PRICES! #texasroadhouse #texasroadhouserolls

♬ The Big Bang – Rock Mafia

Life is too short to skip dessert, and Texas Roadhouse has some memorable fan favorites. The regular menu includes Granny's Apple Classic, Strawberry Cheesecake, and a Big' Ol Brownie. But as customers may notice, some of these desserts come topped with a scoop of ice cream. So, surely that means ice cream must be on the menu, right?

As it turns out, it doesn't appear on the regular menu—but that doesn't mean customers can't order it. Like the other items mentioned, ice cream is a secret menu item that a server should be able to ring up for anyone who asks. TikTok's @pimpvanillaslim filled viewers in on the fact that you can, in fact, order ice cream for dessert, and it's only $2.99. It's a good thing to keep in mind when a full dessert off the regular menu feels like a bit too much after a full steak dinner. That will surely be music to the ears of many diners who show up to Texas Roadhouse with a sweet tooth.

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5. Steak Sliders

Some may consider this next one to be more of a menu "hack," since this is not necessarily an item that can be ordered off the menu. But there is a quick and easy way to turn any steak dish (or any protein dish, for that matter) into a bite-sized sandwich, and the secret is likely already at the table when dinner arrives.

Customers love the fresh-baked Roadhouse Rolls that come at the start of dinner, but make sure to leave some for when the main meal arrives. Many repeat customers have caught onto the fact that the rolls can be used as the perfect miniature buns to build a dream slider with whatever meat is ordered for dinner. It's another reason Texas Roadhouse's dinner rolls are an elite choice and among the best bread at any restaurant chain.

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