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Tom Selleck Has a Secret To Staying Active at 77

Tom Selleck has his own beliefs as to the activity that keeps him fit.

Tom Selleck is a celebrity icon. At 77 years of age, Selleck stays active on and off the screen, and he has his own beliefs as to the activity that keeps him fit.

Private investigator, Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV from "Magnum P.I.," and New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan from "Blue Bloods" are just a couple of the many examples of great entertainment Selleck has given us. Another favorite role was on "Friends" for nine episodes. Selleck played Dr. Richard Burke, Monica's older ophthalmologist boyfriend.

What does Tom Selleck do to keep his mind and body active at 77 years old when he's not acting? Well, you'll just have to read on to learn more. And next up, don't miss Keanu Reeves, 57, Lives by These Healthy, Fit Habits.

He stays active by tending to his 65-acre ranch, revealing he's "probably planted a thousand trees" himself

Tom Selleck
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

As for Selleck's fitness secret, the celeb owns a 65-acre ranch in California, which was once a working avocado farm, and many of the chores that need to be tended to keep him busy. He tells GQ, "I don't like to go to the gym." But at his ranch, he reveals, "I do not all, but a lot of, the grunt work. Clearing brush, planting trees. We've got about a hundred ancient oaks I planted. I've probably planted a thousand trees myself."

In an interview with People, Selleck says, "My relationships and my ranch keep me sane," dubbing his Ventura, California ranch "a retreat."

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Beach volleyball, baseball, and not dyeing his hair have helped him age gracefully

beach volleyball

Other things the celeb has done that have kept him youthful over the years? "I played beach volleyball, some very competitive softball. I loved baseball. I never liked golf; I golfed because I could get to see my dad," he tells GQ, adding, "One thing I didn't do is dye my hair. I'm sick of people telling me I dye my hair! This is it, man. I've got gray hair in there. At my age, turning gray is kind of a blessing, where it softens all of the other horrible things it does to you, but it is what it is." Kudos to Selleck for being happy with and accepting the natural process of life.

He's shown acts of kindness

Tom Selleck
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Being a talented actor is just one of many amazing qualities about Selleck. When the world was trying to open back up and rally back to normal life after the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, the actor partook in the 2020 "Tip Challenge" at Elio's Restaurant in New York City, according to People. He left a generous $2,020 tip for the staff, along with a note that read, "For Elios, I am honoring my friend Donnie Wahlberg's 'tip challenge' with my sincere hope for a better 2020. Thank you all."

Wahlberg responded to his "Blue Blood" costar's kind gesture, tweeting, "I found out that my TV Dad #TomSelleck has generously accepted the #2020TipChallenge at Elios Upper East Side! Love ya dad. I didn't start it but I'm proud to be part of it. To those who gave even the smallest extra amount this year — THANK YOU. #spreadloveandlovewillspread."

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Being charitable and compassionate can slow aging

Tom Selleck
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The key to Tom Selleck's happy life at 77 years old could be living on his land while soaking up the fresh air and sunshine, or keeping busy with chores. He has much to be proud of with a very successful acting career. But it's also known that showing any bit of kindness to another individual has such positive outcomes. Not only are you helping someone feel important and cared for by a kindhearted act, but it's healthy for your own wellbeing, too. Research says being charitable and compassionate on a regular basis can decrease aging, according to Bethesda Health Group. Just another one of Tom Selleck's life secrets!

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