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The Top Swap at Applebee's

Find out your next order at your Neighborhood Grill and Bar.

It's easy to see why it took Applebee's so many years to release its nutritional information. The 1,330-calorie Riblets Basket, the 1,390- calorie Oriental Chicken Salad, and the 2,370-calorie Appetizer Sampler are just a few of the little nightmares lurking on the menu.

The bright spots on the menu include the steaks and the ever-expanding "Have It All" menu (despite some serious sodium issues).

Eat This

Applebees chicken freshcado

Chicken Freshcado

Calories 440

Fat 10G

Saturated Fat 2G

Sodium 1,250G

Not That!

Applebees Chicken Broccoli Pasta Alfredo

Chicken Broccoli Pasta Alfredo

Calories 1,120

Fat 55G

Saturated Fat 30G

Sodium 2,620G

Often healthy-sounding chicken dishes come coated in fatty breading, but the Freshcado is a welcome exception. Less than 25 percent of its calories come from fat, compared with nearly 50 percent for the Alfredo.

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