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Trader Joe's Most Anticipated Holiday Items Are Returning To Stores Right Now

Trader Joe's shoppers can now start celebrating the holiday season early!
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Few retailers celebrate the changing seasons quite as hard as Trader Joe's. And even though fall is still well underway, the grocer has already started rolling out some of its most highly-anticipated winter holiday items.

Over the past couple of weeks, Trader Joe's shoppers have already spotted a variety of seasonal favorites back on shelves, from festive sweet treats to salty snacks. So to help out anyone who's already curating their holiday shopping lists, we've rounded up all of the most exciting returning holiday items spotted thus far.

To be clear, these are probably only a small sample of Trader Joe's upcoming holiday product launches. Trader Joe's lineup of fall products, for example, included more than 100 food and household items. This means that customers should expect to see plenty more seasonal finds hit shelves in the coming weeks.

It's also important to note that some Trader Joe's stores tend to receive certain items earlier than others, so anyone on the hunt for a specific holiday product should check directly with the nearest location to confirm whether it's in stock yet.

In the meantime, here are all of the exciting holiday items that have been spotted back at Trader Joe's already!

Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies

Returning for yet another seasonal run, Trader Joe's beloved Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies were spotted back in stores this week. A shopper tipped off fellow fans on Reddit about their return and declared them a "10/10" treat.

The product features soft, spiced gingerbread cookies topped with coarse sugar crystals for a little crunch. Those cookies sandwich a generous layer of frosting made with butter, cream cheese, and real Madagascar vanilla beans.

If you opt to pick up a box on your next TJ's trip, just beware. Trader Joe's shoppers have warned that it's hard to stop eating these cookies once you get a taste.

"These are by far.. the most delicious cookies I have ever had," one fan raved on Reddit this week.

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Cornbread Crisps

Trader Joe's Cornbread Crisps, which also made their grand return this week, infuse the comforting flavors of cornbread into a salty, crunchy snack. 

Trader Joe's supplier starts by making real cornbread, flattening it, then cutting it into small diamond shapes. Those pieces then get baked in the oven until crisp and topped with a touch of sea salt to round out the sweet and savory flavors. 

If you happen to pick up a bag, take notes from other Trader Joe's shoppers who like to pair them with a hot bowl of chili.

Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix

Peppermint absolutely screams "Christmas," and that quintessential winter flavor is front and center in Trader Joe's Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix

Trader Joe's describes the mix as having a "deeply chocolatey" flavor with "just the right amount of mint flavor to make your taste buds tingle." Customers can use it to make a loaf cake or get extra creative by turning it into cookies, adding mix-ins, or whipping up a Peppermint S'mores Cake (a Trader Joe's recipe).

The baking mix was spotted back in stores earlier this week, so fans should be able to start firing up their ovens now.

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Advent Calendars

December is still a whole month away, but Trader Joe's customers can start preparing for the lead-up to Christmas now thanks to the return of their Advent calendars.

The Trader Joe's-themed Instagram account @traderjoesgeek spotted Advent calendars for 2023 in several different designs back in stores late last month. Each calendar comes with 24 pieces of milk chocolate in seasonal shapes that shoppers can snack on throughout the Christmas season.

Everything But the Leftovers Seasoning

Gravy and stuffing are some of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner, and Trader Joe's managed to capture those classic flavors in a bottle with its returning Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning Blend.

The seasoning features plenty of festive herbs and spices, including ground sage and rosemary powder, plus a combination of two different yeasts to make it extra savory. The blend returned to stores last month, so customers should be able to grab a bottle now and get cooking. Trader Joe's recommends using the seasoning on eggs, roasted vegetables, sandwiches, popcorn, and meat.

Customers who can't get enough of those Thanksgiving flavors may also want to check out Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Popcorn and Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips, two new seasonal items at the retailer this year.

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