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This One Trick Will Help You Cut Down On Caffeine For Good

Keeping track of your caffeine never felt easier.

One of the greatest treats we enjoy on a daily basis comes in the form of a morning cup of coffee. The National Coffee Association claims that 62% of Americans enjoy some form of coffee every day, and experts only forecast those numbers to rise. Even if we don't like getting jolted into action with an AM cup of coffee, nothing beats reaching for a hot cup of black tea to start our day. As midday hits, the temptation to grab a soda or latte hits again and despite helping us get us to the end of the day, leaves us feeling unnecessarily jittery. All of this reliance on this stimulant to get us through the day can make anyone eager to cut caffeine out, or at least decrease it significantly.

Those of us who have gone cold turkey and outright quit caffeine didn't go through the ordeal easily. Not only do we have to find new ways to stay energized throughout the day, but many of us also get hit with caffeine withdrawal symptoms, including some seriously nasty headaches. As a result, finding the best way to get some distance between ourselves and that glass of soda, cup of black tea, or steaming latte seems much harder than expected. (Related: 108 Most Popular Sodas Ranked By How Toxic They Are)

Luckily, one easy hack can get us drinking less caffeine and even has the power to gradually help us wean off caffeine. By journaling through the day and recording your beverage consumption, you can visibly see how much caffeine you take in. After setting a caffeine goal, you can guarantee that you cut down your consumption and if you already keep a food journal to help watch your diet, you can easily incorporate caffeine journaling into your daily routine.

Seeing how much caffeine we drink really puts things into perspective, and some of us might need a visual aid to really see how much of this chemical we put into our body on a daily basis. Thanks to Food Insight's helpful caffeine calculator, we can do some preliminary work to help get us drinking less. By inputting the number of caffeinated drinks we consume in a day, we can see how badly we overdo it and help take the first steps to reduce our daily intake.

By mindfully keeping track of how much coffee, tea, and even soda we enjoy on a daily basis, we can do our part to help treat our body right and pump the breaks on our caffeine consumption. All it takes is paper and pencil to help reduce these drinks in our daily routine—or an online calculator!. With a bit of patience, willpower, and journaling, anyone can cut back on these jittery drinks.

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