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The Best Coffee Shop in Every State

Have you been to your state's best coffee shop?
FACT CHECKED BY Meaghan Cameron

Is there anything more motivating than the smell of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps a cup of coffee that someone else has brewed for you. In honor of everyone's favorite bean juice, we've put together a list of the best cup of coffee in every state, from local favorites to hole-in-the-wall cafes. Plus, many of these coffee houses offer to-go options, delivery services, and mailed subscription programs, so you can keep caffeinated while staying safe. It's a win-win!

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ALABAMA: Cafe Louisa in Montgomery

outdoor seating at cafe louisa in alabama
Cafe Louisa/Facebook

If "homey" were a place, it'd be Cafe Louisa. Everything from the smoothies to the espresso shakes is made from scratch when you order them. While you're there, make sure to get some of the freshly baked bread made in the in-house bakery. If you're still not sold, there's even a crème brûlée of the day.

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ALASKA: Kaladi Brothers Coffee in Anchorage

cup of coffee with espresso being poured in
Kaladi Brothers Coffee/Facebook

What started as a coffee cart in 1984 has become a coffee tour de force of more than a dozen different cafes mostly in and around Anchorage. Kaladi Brothers Coffee prides itself on coffee that's made in Alaska, by Alaskans. Even if you can't make north, you can still get some of the expertly roasted beans delivered to your doorstep.

ARIZONA: Copper Star Coffee in Phoenix

copper star coffee sign
Copper Star Coffee/Facebook

Located in a renovated gas station, Copper Star Coffee is the drive-thru brew your mornings have been missing. It's an unassuming spot for locally roasted coffee and freshly baked pastries like honey lavender cupcakes and s'mores bars. Excuse me while I pack my bags for a baked good-related road trip.

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ARKANSAS: Blue Sail Coffee in Little Rock

bag of coffee beans and coffee mug in front of decorative sign
Blue Sail Coffee/Arkansas

Blue Sail Coffee is transforming the coffee scene in central Arkansas. Need to try it to believe it? Well, you're in luck because they've got a coffee subscription program that delivers freshly roasted coffee wherever you are.

CALIFORNIA: Caffe Trieste in San Francisco

outdoor seating at caffe trieste in san francisco
Caffe Trieste/Facebook

Since 1956, Caffe Trieste has been impeccable, Italian-style espresso to the greater Bay area. As the first espresso coffee house started on the West Coast, Caffe Trieste has established itself as a gathering spot for artists, authors, and coffee lovers alike. It's so much of a San Francisco institution, it's got its own Wikipedia page.

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COLORADO: Copper Door in Denver

woman sitting at indoor dining cafe table
Copper Door Coffee Roasters/Facebook

Copper Door Coffee is Denver's only coffee roaster that's entirely female-owned. The fresh-roasted coffee is also powered by renewable energy. Pre-pandemic, the coffee shop offered coffee classes to spread the employees' wealth of knowledge and love of coffee to the community.

CONNECTICUT: Raonjena Coffee and Dessert in Glastonbury

matcha and coffee lattes with latte art
RaonJena Coffee / Facebook

With near-perfect reviews on Google, Raonjena Coffee and Dessert speaks for itself. Owned by a husband-wife duo, the cafe serves coffee from local roaster Giv Coffee as well as baked goods that combine European-style and Asian-style desserts.

DELAWARE: The House of Coffi in Dover

mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and syrup
The House of Coffi/Facebook

The House of Coffi is about as quaint as it gets. Thanks to uniquely crafted espresso drinks like the Apple Pie Latte or holiday specials like the Be Mine Mocha, it's clear why the cafe is a Dover-area favorite.

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FLORIDA: Cuban Coffee Queen in Key West

hot and iced coffee cups on rainbow painted picnic bench
Cuban Coffee Queen/Facebook

The name Cuban Coffee Queen speaks for itself. With thousands of four- and five-star reviews, the cafe is keeping the Key West area caffeinated with its award-winning coffee. You can even bring the store's blends straight to your doorstep with the online store and coffee subscription program.

GEORGIA: Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna

mug of coffee topped with whipped cream
Rev Coffee Roasters/Facebook

Rev Coffee Roasters' website claims the cafe never learned the meaning of the word "decent" and thus has never settled for anything below perfection. The house-roasted beans certainly seem to be raising the coffee bar with thousands of four- and five-star reviews across Yelp, Google, and Foursquare.

HAWAII: Kona Coffee & Tea in Kailua-Kona

latte closeup in woman's hands
Kona Coffee and Tea/Facebook

Hawaii is known for its world-famous Kona coffee, grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Kona district. It only makes sense that some of the state's most delicious coffee would come from Kona Coffee & Tea. You can try the roaster's small-batch beans, grown on a small-estate farm, in the cafe in Kailua-Kona, or through the store's coffee club.

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IDAHO: The Flying M in Boise

latte art mug closeup
Flying M Boise/Facebook

A Boise favorite, The Flying M has been a pillar of the area since 1992. It's as known for its quirky gifts as it is for the home-roasted coffee. It's nearly impossible to leave without snagging a souvenir or a pastry made from scratch.

ILLINOIS: The Wormhole Coffee in Chicago

paper cup of coffee from the wormhole chicago
The Wormhole/Facebook

Don't let the Delorean in the coffeeshop deceive you—The Wormhole Coffee is beloved by locals and tourists alike for more than the thematic decor. The cafe serves coffee from Halfwit Coffee Roasters, which was started by the team at The Wormhole themselves. In other words, the coffee is worth traveling through time and space to try.

INDIANA: Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company in Indianapolis

espresso being poured into a glass cup
Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company/Facebook

Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company operates as a nonprofit in the Indianapolis area. All profits from the house-roasted coffee and other cafe fare go to different charities throughout the year. The coffee company's charitable foundation also runs a Trusted Mentors program that supports at-risk adults.

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IOWA: The High Ground Cafe in Iowa City

cup of coffee with sprigs of lavender
The High Ground Cafe/Facebook

You're bound to find something you love at The High Ground Cafe. Originally based in the Iowa City area, the cafe serves organic coffee and tea, makes fresh-squeezed juice, and has an extensive sandwich menu. Oh, and the cafe also serves beer and wine. It's as "something for everyone" as it gets.

KANSAS: Hi Hat Coffee in Kansas City

exterior of hi hat coffee in kansas
Hi Hat Coffee/Facebook

Hi Hat Coffee is a short drive from my house in Kansas City and is the coffeeshop I recommend to anyone who comes through the area. It's itty-bitty—like "used to be a one-chair hair salon" small. I swear the coziness makes the coffee taste better. If you don't want a regular cup of coffee, get the Blended Bee. You won't regret it.

KENTUCKY: Common Grounds Coffee House in Lexington

three takeout coffees in a to go container
Common Grounds/Facebook

There are certain coffee shops that just look like the coffee's gonna be good. Common Grounds Coffee House is one of those places. Started in 1992, the cafe has quickly become a local mainstay. Now, it's the largest locally-owned coffee house in Lexington.

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LOUISIANA: Church Alley in New Orleans

cafe open sign
Church Alley Cafe & Grocery/Facebook

Church Alley thinks of its coffee holistically, from the beans they roast to the people they serve. Throughout the pandemic, Church Alley has been working to support other local businesses through giveaways and provides fresh food to people in the New Orleans area.

MAINE: Rooster Brother in Ellsworth

cup of coffee in good morning sunshine mug
Rooster Brother/Facebook

Rooster Brother has many things: specialty cookware, home goods, specialty wine, and cheese. But it's the freshly roasted coffee that makes it a local favorite. Oh, that and the fresh bread.

MARYLAND: Charmington's in Baltimore

exterior of charmingtons in baltimore

Charmington's is a worker-owned coffee shop in Baltimore whose devotion to the community is as strong as its coffee. It's also where Barack Obama stopped during his 2016 presidential campaign. He got the roast beef and cheddar on white bread, a turkey avocado wrap, and a small roasted beet salad (sans beets), if you want to dine like the former president.

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MASSACHUSETTS: 3 Little Figs in Somerville

latte in mug with latte art on blue background
3 Little Figs/Facebook

Started by a baker, 3 Little Figs is known for its scones, muffins, and other baked goods. That paired with the coffee—which has a rotating roster of guest roasters through the store's roaster program—made this coffee house the Scout's Honored best coffeehouse for three years in a row.

MICHIGAN: RoosRoast Coffee in Ann Arbor

latte in a red mug
RoosRoast Coffee/Facebook

RoosRoast Coffee is an Ann Arbor favorite, specifically known for its Lobster Butter Love blend. Fear not, the house-roasted coffee is lobster-free and tastes delicious.

MINNESOTA: Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis

bag of coffee beans in front of plant
Five Watt Coffee/Facebook

Some coffee shops have personality, and then there's Five Watt Coffee. The Minneapolis-area coffeehouse has a rent-by-the-hour unicorn stable and a menu of unique caffeinated craft cocktails. You can also shop their cold press coffee online if you can't make it to the store or are afraid of unicorns.

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MISSISSIPPI: Cups Espresso Cafe in Jackson

two specialty lattes in paper cups
Cups Espresso Cafe/Facebook

With shops throughout the Jackson area, Cups Espresso Cafe is a local favorite. Come for the coffee—they've been roasting it themselves since 1994. Stay for the ambiance and local art.

MISSOURI: Mud Pie in Kansas City

closeup of latte art with spoon
Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffee/Facebook

Mud Pie is the vegan cafe and bakery where you'll want to take all your non-vegan friends. From the handcrafted espresso drinks to the plant-based baked goods, it's impossible not to fall in love at first bite/sip.

MONTANA: Treeline Coffee Roasters in Bozeman

shelves of mugs and pottery
Treeline Coffee Roasters/Facebook

Opened in 2016, Treeline has quickly become an area favorite. All of the roasting, manufacturing, and distribution is done right inside the cafe. If you want to try it yourself and aren't in the area, Treeline's single-origin coffee is available online.

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NEBRASKA: Archetype Coffee in Omaha

paper coffee cup from archetype coffee in omaha
Archetype Coffee/Facebook

If you're looking for high-quality coffee in an unpretentious atmosphere, Archetype Coffee is your spot. As the cafe says on its website, "coffee tastes better when we don't take ourselves too seriously." Can't be in there IRL? It's also available online.

NEVADA: Skimos Coffee in Henderson

three cups of lattes
Skimos Coffee/Facebook

Known for its super smooth espresso, Skimos Coffee is a local favorite in the Las Vegas area. The beans are sourced from Olympia Coffee, and the Yelp reviews swear by the cafe's cold brew. If that doesn't sell you, the latte art will.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Grounds Coffee in New London

coffee with knitted sleeve in front of basket
Grounds Cafe/Facebook

Grounds Coffee is peak nostalgia. There's a wall lined with jars of penny candy. A diner-style bakery showcase with pies you'd swear your grandma made. It's the coziest place to grab a cup of coffee.

NEW JERSEY: Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea in Mullica Hill

latte with heart in latte art
Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea/Facebook

Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea is so friendly and inviting, the website has a warning for it. Their coffee is certified Fair Trade and has been deemed "Bird Friendly" by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. In other words, their coffee treats their framers, the environment, and their customers nicely.

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NEW MEXICO: Piñon Coffee in Albuquerque

bag of coffee beans with clear mug of coffee
Pinon Coffee/Facebook

A community fixture for more than two decades, Piñon Coffee has something for everyone. Whether you want a classic cup of Dark Piñon coffee or are in the mood for a Mexican hot chocolate, you'll find your new favorite drink. You can also order your coffee "sip ready," and they'll pour your hot coffee over coffee ice, making it the perfect drinking temperature without diluting it.

NEW YORK: Black Fox Coffee Co. in New York City

latte in mug with latte art
Black Fox Coffee/Facebook

If you're looking for variety, Black Fox Coffee Co. in lower Manhattan is what you seek. Their coffee selection offers beans from the best roasters around the world. You won't have trouble finding a good cup of coffee here.

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NORTH CAROLINA: Jubala Coffee in Raleigh

jubala coffee exterior sign
Jubala Coffee/Facebook

Jubala Coffee is all about simplicity. Whether you want a no-frills cup of coffee or a latte with homemade vanilla syrup, this cafe is sure to have a deliciously simple drink you'll love. Oh, and you'll want to get breakfast while you're there. Two words: homemade biscuits.

NORTH DAKOTA: Dakota Coffee Company in Wahpeton

milk being poured into coffee
Dakota Coffee Co/Facebook

There's nice, and then there's North Dakota nice. Dakota Coffee Company is the latter. From the holiday coffee blends to the house-made soups, you'll feel right at home here.

OHIO: Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Cleveland

latte with heart in latte art and maple syrup
Rising Star Coffee Roasters/Facebook

For those looking to dip a toe in coffee culture, you'll want to check out Rising Star Coffee Roasters. The cafe offers coffee brewing classes in addition to the in-house coffee blends. You may start with a cup, but you'll want to buy a bag of their house roasts after the first sip.

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OKLAHOMA: Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City

closeup of latte art
Elemental Coffee/Facebook

You don't have to look hard to find rave reviews for Elemental Coffee. The small-batch roastery is clearly a local favorite. The coffee shop also has an exclusive chocolate sauce made from Askinosie's single-origin chocolate, so you know each drink is good to the last drop.

OREGON: Sleepy Monk Coffee in Cannon Beach

to go coffee cup on the beach
Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters/Facebook

For some, hygge is a trend. For Sleepy Monk Coffee, it's just their natural state. The quaint coffee house is a neighborhood mainstay with hundreds of glowing reviews online. There are dozens of different blends of small-batch roasted beans, so you'll find more than a few cups of coffee you'll want to cozy up to.

PENNSYLVANIA: Philter in Kennett Square

pouring coffee into a handmade mug
Philter Coffee/Facebook

Philter has cultivated a coffee shop with the best of everything: good food, good coffee, and a good ambiance. Whether you're in the mood for a handcrafted latte or just want a solid cup of coffee, you'll find something to love at this charming cafe.

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RHODE ISLAND: The Coffee Exchange in Providence

black gloved hands holding latte
The Coffee Exchange/Facebook

For 36 years, The Coffee Exchange has been serving coffee to the greater Providence area. The cafe uses beans from around the world, all fair trade and grown sustainably. It's coffee that tastes good and that you can feel good about.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Kudu Coffee in Charleston

latte in blue mug
Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer/Facebook

Last year, Charleston's Kudu Coffee celebrated 15 years of serving high-quality coffee. In addition to their rotating list of freshly brewed, single-origin coffees, the cafe also has more than 20 taps of local and imported beers. Whether you're looking for a caffeine kick or a nightcap, Kudu's got it.

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SOUTH DAKOTA: Essence of Coffee in Rapid City

essence of coffee interior with empty tables
Essence of Coffee/Facebook

Essence of Coffee has a passion for specialty coffee, which is clear from the beans they source to the care they put into each cup. They've even got a coffee subscription program that features a carefully-selected variety of beans. It's like having your very own coffee connoisseur delivered straight to your doorstep.

TENNESSEE: Crema Coffee Roasters in Nashville

mugs from crema in nashville

The award-winning Crema Coffee Roasters is as dedicated to sustainability as it is to serving delicious coffee. It's a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company that sources coffee from farmers they know and trust. If you want a cup of coffee you can feel good about, Crema is where you'll want to go.

TEXAS: Giant Leap Coffee in Houston

coffee being poured into to go cup
Giant Leap Coffee/Facebook

Giant Leap Coffee sources its beans from local roaster Amaya Coffee. In addition to a great cup of coffee, you can also get a diverse range of other drinks from Vietnamese Cafe Sua Da, Horchata Cold Brew, and Calamansi lemonade. Feeling hungry? Well, you will be once you see the assorted pastries from local bakery Tlahuac, which pair perfectly with any of the cafe's drinks.

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UTAH: Sugar House Coffee in Salt Lake City

sugar house coffee exterior with sunset
Sugar House Coffee/Facebook

If you want to sip like a local, go to Sugar House Coffee. Serving beans from local roaster Rimini Coffee, they've got everything from hand-crafted coffee drinks to your standard cup of joe. Plus, they've got a drive-up window, so you can get caffeinated safely during the pandemic.

VERMONT: Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee in Burlington

mug with latte art on wooden picnic table
Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee/Facebook

Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee treats its coffee like a sommelier treats wine. Noting that coffee has seasons, the cafe offers a rotating roster of coffee from around the world that changes throughout the year. Co-owner Jason Gonzalez even trained with the UK national barista three-time champion. In other words, this coffee has clout.

VIRGINIA: Three Ships Coffee in Virginia Beach

bags of coffee beans from three ships coffee company in virginia
Three Ships Coffee/Facebook

Coffee and community are two of Three Ships Coffee's core tenets. With influences from Scandinavian roasters and the coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest, Three Ships has drinks that'll satisfy any palate, especially that of the classic coffee lover.

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WASHINGTON: Seattle Coffee Works in Seattle

seattle coffee works exterior with outdoor seating
Seattle Coffee Works/Facebook

Skip the line at the first Starbucks location and head to Seattle Coffee Works. The coffeehouse roasts its own beans, offering a selection of blends from around the world, including East Africa, Central America, and Indonesia. And with the coffee subscription program, you can sip on those beloved brews from the comfort of your couch.

WEST VIRGINIA: The Chocolate Moose in Beckley

beans of coffee and coffee mug
Chocolate Moose/Facebook

For homey coffeehouse vibes, check out The Chocolate Moose. The cafe has it all: West Virginia-themed coffee blends, cleverly named lattes like the L.L Bean, and the eponymous stuffed moose hanging out on one of the cafe's walls.

WISCONSIN: Anodyne Coffee Roasters in Milwaukee

latte art
Anodyne Coffee/Facebook

If your favorite things include coffee, wine, pizza, or all of the above, Anodyne Coffee Roasters should be among your favorites. Their beans are roasted in small batches at one of their Walker's Point location, but you can get their signature brew at any of their five locations throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

WYOMING: Pine Coffee Supply in Pinedale

coffee bar
Pine Coffee Supply/Facebook

Located in the unassuming town of Pinedale is the Pine Coffee Supply, a coffee shop quickly going from a local favorite to one worth traveling for. Their coffee is roasted in-house, bringing high-quality coffee to the 2,000-person town. They've even got a coffee personality quiz to help make good coffee as accessible as possible so you can find the blend that'll make for your personal perfect cup of coffee.

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