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A Major Hooters Rival Expects to Double Its Restaurant Count Over the Next Few Years

Apparently, the “breastaurant” business model is alive and well.

The mountain lodge-style sports bar-slash-restaurant Twin Peaks was founded in Texas in 2005, making it a relative newcomer to the "breastaurant" category. You probably know the hallmarks of this sort of restaurant: the kind that is primarily staffed by young women sporting revealing uniforms—and that also serves food. This distinctive genre is largely dominated by Hooters, the nearly 40-year-old chain with 305 current locations across America, per data from ScrapeHero. But Twin Peaks is poised to grow and, in due time, perhaps to surpass its older rival in terms of size and sales.

As of May 2023, there are 100 Twin Peaks locations in the United States, according to Nation's Restaurant News. It has taken 18 years for the chain to hit that number, but its C-suite execs are confident Twin Peaks can double the size of its footprint in far less time. In fact, the company's CEO Joe Hummel has stated that Twin Peaks should hit 200 restaurants within just five years from now, a rapid increase in growth.

Hummel has much reason to be confident in the chain's prospects for future expansion, judging by its recent success. Nation's Restaurant News reported that the chain's overall sales saw a dramatic rise from around $397 million in 2021 to more than $488 million last year, which is a 23% increase. And same-store sales were up by nearly three-quarters of a million dollars, from an average of $4.9 million in 2021 to $5.6 million in 2022.

Much of the jump in sales can be contributed to customers returning after the closures and restrictions created by the COVID19 pandemic, but there does not appear to be a slackening of foot traffic or sales in the offing.

CEO Hummel attributed the strong sales at Twin Peaks locations to "multiple reasons," but many have the same underlying theme: reliability. The restaurant is known for serving all of its draught beers at 29 degrees Fahrenheit, for example. Twin Peaks diners can always count on a certain type of mountain-themed décor and a similar layout, complete with a central bar and dozens of high-definition TVs.

Twin Peaks locations also make it a point to cater to patrons with differing levels of comfort in terms of their food and beverage budget. The chain uses an approach called a "barbell strategy," wherein the menu includes both premium drink and food options sold at higher prices—think steaks and signature cocktails—as well as lower-cost meals and beverages, too. The chain also offers plenty of affordable specials to make budget-conscious customers still feel welcome.

Oh, and let's not forget about those eye-catching servers—another one of the "multiple reasons" that Twin Peaks attracts so many customers, even if company executives don't mention that aspect of their business model too often.

Steven John
Steven John is a freelancer writer for Eat This, Not That! based just outside New York City. Read more about Steven