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Customers Prefer To Buy Groceries From This Chain Over Amazon, Says New Study

The chain's brick-and-mortar presence and low prices keep customers coming back.

Everyone has a go-to grocery store. Whether it's because of convenience, product selection, or price, some retailers are bound to draw in more customers than others. And according to a recent survey that pitted two of America's largest e-comm giants, we have a clear preference between the two when it comes to groceries.

In the 2022 Amazon vs. Walmart report conducted by Amazon research tool Jungle Scout, consumers indicated that they prefer to buy their groceries from Walmart over Amazon.

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Out of more than 1,000 U.S. adults who were polled, 57% said they're more likely to buy groceries at Walmart compared to the 15% who chose Amazon. As far as the reasoning behind this preference, participants cited price as their primary motive, followed by product familiarity, being a repeat customer, and app choice. Additionally, Jungle Scout attributes Walmart's success in the grocery sector to its brick-and-mortar presence and reputation for low prices, highlighting inflation's impact on consumers' shopping habits.

Meanwhile, those who opt to grocery shop on Amazon selected shipping prices as their main reason, which was followed by "getting products fast," the Amazon Prime membership program, and brand selection.

Jungle Scout

Outside of the grocery realm, Jungle Scout also asked participants where they prefer to purchase various items from 18 additional categories.

Survey respondents chose Walmart as their main shopping destination for products in 10 of those categories, with cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicine, beauty/personal care, as well as vitamins and supplements leading the pack. Concurrently, Amazon was the favored retailer for electronics, books, clothing, and office supplies.

Jungle Scout

Despite Walmart's stronghold in the grocery space, Amazon still demonstrated an overall dominance in the e-commerce world, with 63% of consumers saying they start their product searches on Amazon compared to the 43% who search on Moreover, 75% of the participants said they recently made a purchase on Amazon in the third quarter of 2022, compared with 43% from, and 65% from a Walmart store.

"The year ahead will be a proving ground as each company executes strategies to narrow their competitive gulfs: for Amazon, an evolving physical retail and grocery presence steeped in advanced technology; for Walmart, expansion of its omnichannel e-commerce business and online Marketplace," Jungle Scout writes in its report.

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