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12 Best Cyber Monday Deals at Walmart

Top kitchen items you can nab at a steep discount.
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While Black Friday may have already come and gone, there's still a chance to score some of the best deals of the year thanks to Cyber Monday.

Walmart has pulled out all the stops, offering some of their best sales ever on items you'll use every day. If you're in the market for some kitchen upgrades or looking to get a head start on holiday shopping, we've found some of the best discounts available this season.

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Blue Diamond 11-Piece Cookware Set

cookware set
Courtesy of Walmart

There's a very good chance that all the home cooking you've done this year has done a number on your pots and pans. Take advantage of a deep discount on some quality cookware with this 11-piece ceramic set, which lasts up to ten times longer than traditional non-stick pans.

$50 at Walmart
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Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker
Courtesy of Walmart

Even the biggest kitchens are best served by using all-in-one appliances that preserve precious cabinet and counter space. This combination air fryer and pressure cooker will help you prepare everything up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods and even comes with a dehydrator function for homemade fruit snacks and jerky.

$150 at Walmart
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Roku Smart LED TV

led tv
Courtesy of Walmart

Watching your favorite cooking shows is an experience that deserves the best hardware. Not only is this 60-inch TV a fantastic deal, but it's also preloaded with Roku, meaning you can stream your favorite series on Netflix, Hulu, and more right out of the box.

$288 at Walmart
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Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

digital bread maker
Courtesy of Walmart

Is there anything that says "welcome home" quite like the smell of a fresh loaf baking? This bread maker reduces the process to just three easy steps and can be programmed to make 12 different bread styles with the push of a button.

$55 at Walmart
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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker

coffee maker
Courtesy of Walmart

Even the most ambitious home cooks can have a hard time motivating themselves to whip up breakfast before they get their morning joe. This coffee maker will make sure you never have to start your day off on the wrong foot, featuring a timer that can be set to automatically begin brewing before you even get out of bed.

$17 at Walmart
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Instant Pot Blender

instant pot blender
Courtesy of Walmart

There's something special about appliances that can make entire dishes come together with the push of a button. This powerful blender will not only whip up your favorite breakfast smoothie, but it can also cook soups, make ice cream, and make soy or nut milk from scratch. Taking advantage of this deep discount only makes it better.

$79 at Walmart
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SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

soda stream
Courtesy of Walmart

Save yourself a trip to the store with a countertop soda maker. Not only will it help you cut down on single-use plastics, but you can create your own delicious drinks by adding in your favorite flavors.

$50 at Walmart
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The Pioneer Woman Extra-Wide Toaster

pioneer woman toasted
Courtesy of Walmart

Time to upgrade your toaster? This dazzling piece from the Pioneer Woman line of kitchen appliances works even better than it looks, featuring settings for defrosting and getting your bagel just right. Its high-lift boost feature also means that you'll never singe your fingers trying to pick up your item.

$24 at Walmart
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Aroma Rice Cooker

rice cooker
Courtesy of Walmart

When it comes to a culinary staple like rice, there's nothing that can compare to the simple efficiency of a good rice cooker. This unit is a steal at $20, and will make sure you're never short on your favorite grain.

$20 at Walmart
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Farberware 12-Piece Knife Set

knife set
Courtesy of Walmart

Have your blades seen better days? Treat yourself to an upgrade with this 12-piece knife set, which features a resin coating that will keep food from sticking while you chop. You'll also have all your basic knife needs covered, from an 8-inch chef's knife to a 3-inch paring knife, each with a sheath that will help you store them safely and keep them sharper for longer.

$16 at Walmart
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Pyrex 14-Piece Glass Bakeware Set

Courtesy of Walmart

Ask any home chef and they'll probably tell you that you can never really have enough Pyrex on hand. This 14-piece set is fantastic for baking, but it also doubles as a seriously convenient storage option for your prepared ingredients and leftovers.

$20 at Walmart
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Tramontina Round 6.5-Quart Dutch Oven

red dutch oven
Courtesy of Walmart

Every good kitchen deserves a sturdy piece of cookware for braising, frying, and making stews. Take advantage of Cyber Monday and treat yourself—or your lucky family gift-recipient—to a Dutch oven. This indispensable piece of culinary hardware is made of enamel-coated cast iron, making it oven-safe up to 400 degrees and heavy-duty enough to last for years.

$30 at Walmart
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