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10 Wackiest Restaurants Around the World for Your Weirdest Dining Experience Yet

From caves to coasters, check out the wildest themed dining venues on the planet.

If you thought tearing into a blooming onion was an adventure, you're about to be blown away. These off-the-beaten-path restaurant themes are so wild and Instagram-worthy, they might just have you suddenly planning an entire trip around them. And hey, if you're brave enough to order strange fast food offerings, then we have a feeling once you're done reading through these dining venues, they're going to fly to the top of your must-visit list. Here's our breakdown of the wackiest and weirdest restaurants from around the world that are so worth the trip.

Modern Toilet (Locations across Taiwan)

Modern toilet

For those who find bathroom humor hilarious, the Taiwan franchise Modern Toilet will delight. Courses such as "poop-stuffed pancake" and "green vomit meat sauce spaghetti" invite diners to flush money down the john. Whether you wash it all down with a "urine beer" is up to you.

Silver Clipper Dinner Flight (Melbourne, Australia)

Silver clipper dinner flight
Courtesy of Melbourne's Gooney Bird

Airplane food is rarely worth raving about, but Silver Clipper is on a mission to change that. This Australian excursion includes a 70-minute flight to watch the sun set around Port Phillip Bay on a 1940s-style plane. On board, passengers are each given a packaged airline meal—and treated to wine from the beverage cart, naturally.

Alux Restaurant (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

Alux restaurant
Courtesy of Alux Restaurant

For those too afraid of heights to chow down above the clouds, this experience might be more the right speed. Mexican specialties with "international touches" are on the menu at Alux, a cave-based restaurant. While the food is fresh (options include roasted octopus and duck confit), the venue is far from it: the cave dates back more than 10,000 years.

Ninja New York (New York, New York)

Ninja new york

Diners donning black belts will fit right in at this New York restaurant designed to resemble a ninja village circa 1500. Ninjas attempt to spook and surprise guests on their walk in, but that's not where the show ends. Dishes on the Japanese-inspired menu marked with a star come served with some showmanship, say, cooked tableside or plated with dry ice.

Ithaa Undersea (Maldives)

Ithaa undersea restaurant
Courtesy of Conrad Hotels & Resorts

Go under the sea, quite literally, at this all-glass, 16-foot-underwater restaurant. Ithaa translates to "mother of pearl," and the oceanic vibe continues on the prix fixe menu. Prawn tartare, lobster pasta, and spicy sea snails are just a few of the day's catches.

Tonga Room (San Francisco, California)

Tonga room
Courtesy of Tonga Room

Step back in time at this Polynesian tiki bar located in the Fairmont San Francisco hotel, which has been open since 1945. If the tropical wall coverings don't inspire you to order a rum cocktail alongside your island-influenced entree, the band playing beachy tunes on the floating stage might just do the trick.

Rollercoaster Restaurant (Locations across Europe and the Middle East)

Rollercoaster restaurant
Courtesy of Rollercoaster Restaurant

No more chasing down a server! Gravity delivers all dishes and drinks via a stainless steel rollercoaster that lands at each table at these restaurants. Reserve a table and climb on board for a culinary ride that can include everything from a burger to a mocktail called "Funky Express."

Chicago Sweatlodge (Chicago, Illinois)

Chicago sweatlodge
Chicago Sweatlodge/Facebook

This Illinois old-world steam room spa is home to a Russian sauna room, a plunge pool…and a full-service restaurant. Towel-wearing patrons (note: it's men only) can refuel with Eastern European fare like pierogies and seafood soup.

Chillout: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Chillout Ice Lounge/Facebook

After that heat, sauna visitors might be tempted to travel to Dubai and dine at Chillout, an ice lounge. Warm up in the -6-degree environment—while seated in chairs carved from ice—with a bowl of tomato soup, a mug of hot chocolate, or a vodka cocktail.

El Diablo (Teguise, Spain)

El diablo
Trip Advisor/El Diablo Restaurant

This Spanish restaurant gives new meaning to "That meal was really hot!" Located inside Timanfaya National Park, El Diablo is situated at the top of a dormant volcano. (The last eruption was in 1824, so diners should be safe.) Chefs use the geothermal heat from the landmark to cook the grilled chicken, sausage, seafood, and steak that star on the menu.

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