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Worst Supermarket Ice Creams for Your Waistline

Think of your total health as a bank account. Spending every day won't help you save money, but the occasional splurge may help you stay motivated. The same goes for this classic frozen dessert. While ice cream every day is out of the question — especially when you're trying to lose weight — you don't have to banish it from your grocery list for good.
Low calorie desserts you can have.

At one time, ice cream was just milk, sugar, cream and maybe a little bit of fruit. But these days, it's among the most corrupted — and confusing — foods on the planet. While one pint of ice cream may be a somewhat healthy pick, the one sitting right next to it may be filled scary health-harming chemicals and pack more fat per serving than a Burger King Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe.

The ice cream aisle is truly a mixed bag — and one that can freeze your fingers and fat loss. To help you steer clear of the worst picks, we scoured supermarket shelves and examined tons of nutrition labels for you. Kick the frozen treats below out of your shopping cart and watch that extra belly fat melt away (pun intended)!


Not That!

Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan, ½ cup

Calories 300
Fat 22 g
Saturated Fat 10 g
Sodium 95 mg
Carbs 20 g
Fiber 0 g
Sugar 17 g
Protein 5 g

Would you rather eat two Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts or a half a cup of this stuff? Nutritionally, it's a toss up. Believe it or not, both have the same amount of fat and saturated fat. If you wouldn't down two breakfast pastries in one sitting, skip this sinful scoop.


Not That!

Graeter's Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip, ½ cup

Calories 320
Fat 20 g
Saturated Fat 11 g
Sodium 60 mg
Fiber 0 g
Sugar 31 g
Protein 3 g

We love a good cookie dough ice cream, but not one that packs 320 calories and 31 grams of sugar in a measly half-cup. We get that nearly every dessert, by definition, is made with some sugar, but that's more of the stuff than you'd find in seven Sugared Raised Donuts from Dunkin Donuts. If you know what's good for your waistline, you'll pass on this overly-indulgent pint.

Not That!

Talenti German Chocolate Cake, ½ cup

Calories 240
Fat 11 g
Saturated Fat 6 g
Sodium 65 mg
Carbs 32 g
Fiber 1 g
Sugar 31 g
Protein 4 g

Another player in the "premium" ice cream world, this tub is overloaded with sugar and soybean oil, a fat that has been linked to weight gain. The candied pecans and swirls of caramel in this tub may make your mouth water, but there are far better options in the freezer aisle.


Not That!

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Premium, ½ cup

Calories 140
Fat 6 g
Saturated Fat 4 g
Sodium 40 mg
Carbs 20 g
Fiber 0 g
Sugar 16 g
Protein 2 g

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun. Kicking off a fiesta with a tub of this stuff, though, is anything but. Hydrogenated soybean oil (a type of trans fat) and titanium dioxide (an additive that gives sunblock its white hue) are just two of the not-so-natural ingredients you'll find in a tub of this Blue Bunny ice cream. It gets worse: Those sprinkles scattered throughout the pint get some of their coloring from Yellow 5 and 6, two artificial dyes found to promote Attention Deficit Disorder in children.

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