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These Tennis Outfits Will up Your Game on and off the Court

Moisture-wicking is a must—science says so!

Let's be honest: Whether you're on or off the court, it's a total feel-good experience to serve up major looks (and of course, bright yellow balls) in your tennis attire. You're fully prepared to refresh your workout wardrobe and stock up on some cute and beyond comfy tennis skirts, dresses, and polo bras. From the flow to the ease of wear, what's not to love about tennis outfits? So, in honor of this racket of a trend, I tested out Year of Ours' tennis collection in the heat and sticky humidity of the summer (It's brutal out there, guys!) and have an honest review for you. Read on to learn more.

The heat of the summer's got nothing on this tennis dress

Year of Ours side-by-side tennis outfits, dresses
Year of Ours

Fabric, fabric, fabric! Choosing just the right fabric that actually delivers on its description of "moisture-wicking" can be a struggle—especially in the dead of summertime when you literally can't stop sweating. A study examined how moisture-wicking fabric can impact an individual's perceptual and physiological responses while working out in hot weather. The research concluded that the longer you exercise, the evaporation and ventilation properties of a moisture-wicking piece of apparel can help preserve your body temp in a hot environment. Needless to say, sweat-wicking garments are necessary.

Enter, Year of Ours' Racer Tennis Dress. I wore this dress—which comes complete with attached shorts—for an entire afternoon of bicycling through Tupelo, Mississippi in the 100-degree heat. Obviously, I was sweating, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dress kept its moisture-wicking promise. Hands-down, this fabric receives an A+ from me.

The dress comes in heather grey, white, and black, sizes XS through XL, and even comes complete with 7-inch slit in the front (because slits are so in right now). You can easily go from the tennis court, an outdoor workout, or even running errands straight to brunch or wherever the day leads you. Honestly, this dress is even comfy enough to wear on the airplane with a cozy crewneck sweatshirt. And the look is so on-trend.

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Up your game in more ways than one in this tennis skort + polo tank

Year of Ours side-by-side tennis outfits, summer collection
Year of Ours

The YOS Jersey Tennis Skort paired with the brand's Gabriella Tank is the ultimate pairing when hitting up the court. I absolutely love the neutral color choices you can totally rock all summer long, but also well into fall. Both the skort and tank come in heather grey, white, and black, sizes ranging from XS through XL. I opted for black, one of my favorite classic picks when it comes to workout 'fits.

First off, let's talk about the fit. If you're a fan of high-waisted leggings, biker shorts, and skorts, you'll really enjoy how this tennis skort hugs your body. It comes up to just the perfect height to keep everything in its place whether you're jumping around, jogging, or hitting balls. I'd say both pieces fit true to size.

Next up, let's talk about the aesthetic. If your style is preppy, you'll love the polo tank. I'm usually a sports bra and crop top kind of chick, but I have to say, I loved the switch-up. You can leave the tank out over the skort or tuck it in. And last but certainly not least, the slit on the skort is flirty and fun, serving as the cherry topping to the entire look.

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