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The 10-Minute Flat Belly Workout To Get Abs in 30 Days

Want great results in less time? Do this quick core workout.
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Flat, defined abs are a hallmark of a strong, lean, and athletic body. It's a telltale sign that you've worked hard not only in the gym but also in the kitchen to maintain healthy body fat and keep off unwanted flab. But if you're struggling to get your midsection to look as good as the rest of your body, it's time to swap your traditional ab training for something better (and faster). We're here today with a 10-minute flat belly workout that'll help you get abs in 30 days.

Rather than waste time on old-fashioned planks or sit-ups, take your ab training to a new dimension with exercises that hammer your entire core—your obliques and your various abdominal muscles—with far more intensity. That way, your can get your abs to "pop" and achieve better results from all the hard work you're already doing with your exercise and dieting.

In this article, we'll share the hard-hitting ab exercises to give you remarkable results in just 10 minutes. (Trust us, these are way more effective and intense than any plank!) For this program, do it at the end of your regular strength workout or cardio session, two to three times per week. Also, take at least one day of rest between these ab workouts so you can give your muscles a break so they can rebuild and get stronger.

Keep reading to learn all about this flat belly workout for abs in 30 days. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and repeat this circuit as many times as possible while following the recommended rest periods.

A1) Stability Ball Body Saws

stability ball plank, stir the pot

For the stability ball body saw, you'll start by getting into a plank position with your forearms on a stability ball. While keeping your torso still, move your forearms up and down, which is one repetition. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and don't let your lower back sag. Complete 10 reps with zero seconds of rest.

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A2) Stability Ball Jackknives

stability ball jackknives, concept of how to get abs in 30 days

Get into a pushup position, and place the top of your shins on a stability ball. While keeping your upper body still, curl your knees to your chest and return to the starting position. Repeat. Complete 10 reps with zero seconds of rest.

A3) Stir-The-Pot

Set up for stir-the-pot by getting into a plank position on a stability ball. While keeping your torso still, move your forearms in a circle. Then, switch directions. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and don't let your lower back sag. Complete six reps each way with 20 seconds of rest.

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A4) Landmine Rainbows

Place one end of a barbell in a landmine. At the other end, stand facing the landmine, grab the other end with your arms extended, and start with the end of the barbell at eye level. Twist the barbell to one side without turning your hips or shoulders and keeping your arms as straight as possible. Alternate sides. To make this exercise more difficult, add weight by sliding small plates on the end.

(If you don't have a landmine, just place a folded-up towel in the corner of a wall or power rack and wedge one end of a barbell there.) Complete five reps each way with 30 seconds of rest.

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