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This 10-Minute Workout Makes Even Your Laziest Day Productive

Some days are just plain old lazy. Here's how to make the most of them.

Let's be honest: Some days are just plain old lazy. You may feel somewhat sluggish about heading to the gym for a full workout, but you also don't want your progress to suffer. That's where this 10-minute workout for lazy days comes in clutch. Even when you're just not feeling 100% into your fitness time, this routine ensures you'll still make some productive moves.

We spoke with Kelly Turner, 500-RYT and director of training and experience for YogaSix, who breaks down the best 10-minute workout for lazy days. "Every time [you] hit the gym, [you] are not going to be motivated to lift super heavy or run several miles," she says. "Those days when you feel a little less energized are the perfect opportunity to incorporate yoga into your fitness routine."

Stretching it out with yoga is a low-impact, relaxed way to get active while still reaping the benefits of exercise. Yoga can raise your heart rate, warm up your muscles, provide your body with deep stretching, and boost your mind-body connection. "All of these benefits set you up for a more productive day," Turner adds.

You just need to roll out your yoga mat, set your timer for 10 minutes, and you're ready to begin. The best part is, you don't even need to be at the gym in order to perform this 10-minute workout! Complete it from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be, and you'll be so glad you squeezed in a little bit of exercise.

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1. Child's Pose

woman doing child's pose on yoga mat, part of 10-minute workout for lazy days

"When I have a little bit of time to fit in a workout on my laziest of days, I'll roll out my yoga mat, and sink down into a nice child's pose. I will give myself about a minute to take some long, slow, deep belly breaths," Turner explains.

This move stretches out your hip and back muscles, the Mayo Clinic says. To set up, you'll kneel down on the yoga mat and sit back. Your arm should be extended in front of you and your forehead should be resting on the mat or as close as it can get to it. Breathe in and breathe out.

2. Cat/Cow

cat-cow pose illustration

After completing child's pose, you'll transition into a tabletop position to do a few rounds of cat/cow. This exercise will help loosen up your spine, Turner says.

To ensure you're in proper tabletop position, your hands should be placed the distance of your shoulder span and your knees should be aligned with your hips, the Mayo Clinic explains. Take a deep breath in as you curve the lower part of your back and raise your head. Your pelvis should tilt upward for the "cow" portion of this move. Then, breathe out as you tuck your abs inward, lower your head, and arch your back for the "cat" portion.

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3. Downward Dog

woman doing downward dog on yoga mat outdoors

From the cat/cow, you'll flow into a downward-facing dog. This exercise will give your posterior chain—the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and back—a solid stretch. "I'll move forward to the top of the mat and dangle for a minute in a soft forward fold—this has a great calming effect on the body. Then roll up to stand," Turner says.

4. Wrap up with Half-Sun Salutes

Once you're back on your feet, Turner suggests getting your heart rate up without breaking a major sweat. You can do so by completing a few half-sun salutes, chair pulses, and a standing balance posture such as tree pose "to gather focus."

If you're doing half-sun salutes, you'll begin in mountain pose, bringing your hands to your heart's center and placing your feet a few inches apart, Yoga Basics explains. Your palms should be lightly touching. Then, breathe in as you extend your arms overhead. Breathe out as you come into a forward fold, bringing your palms to the ground. Feel free to bend your knees a bit if you need to. Then, breathe in as you press yourself halfway up into an upward forward fold. Exhale again into a forward fold. Next, inhale and raise your arms overhead before exhaling and coming back into mountain pose with your palms at your chest.

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