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The "50-Mile Month" Walking Challenge Is a Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Fit

This is an excellent way to add more cardio to your day and torch calories.

You've likely heard of "cozy cardio," but what about the "50-mile month" walking challenge? Whether you love lacing up your sneakers and heading out on brisk walks, want to start working more strides into each day, or are easing into working out, the 50-mile month walking challenge is for you. This cardio trend is making major waves with over 7.3M views on TikTok, and it's clear as to why.

Daily exercise—and cardio specifically—comes with so many incredible health benefits, but sometimes, you just dread going to the gym. Enter, the "50-mile month" challenge that doesn't take cardio too seriously, but still offers all the amazing benefits of this physical activity. So if you're ready to update your fitness routine a bit (in the best possible way), keep reading to learn more about the challenge. It just may be your new favorite way to exercise!

Here's the skinny on the 50-mile month walking challenge.


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According to BarBend, it takes around 2,100 steps to complete one mile when you're walking. (That, of course, depends on the individual and stride size.) But if you were to walk 50 miles in one month, that's a total of 105,000 steps taken, which equates to around 3,500 steps each day.

So to complete the challenge, all you need to do is get in roughly 3,500 daily steps for a total of four weeks (one month) to meet your 50-mile goal. You can also break things up and go on shorter walks some days and longer strolls on others. Just always keep your end goal at the top of your mind: to check off that 50-mile mark by the end of the month. You can spruce things up each time you head out to rake in steps by heading to a bookstore or coffee shop, walking on the beach, finding a scenic trail, or taking your pup on a fun little hike.

TikTok user @alltheradreads is all about, well, the 50-mile month walking challenge. On her profile, she brings viewers through many of her walking journeys, inspiring us all to get up and go on some rejuvenating walks.

She starts off one of her videos noting, "So I have been in a bit of a funk lately; just not in a great season, not great mental health vibes. So I decided to start a little challenge to myself to go on walks more often. But that's not enough, just like, a goal like that, you know? I needed it to be specific … I'm gonna do a 50-mile challenge in the next month starting today. My goal is to walk 50 miles in a month. I'll keep you posted; we're off on our first walk of the challenge."

People Are Obsessed With 'Cozy Cardio' for Fitness: Here's What You Need To Know

The benefits of daily cardio can't be denied.

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Are you ready to get your 50-mile month walking challenge on? If so, kudos to you! The benefits of going on daily walks can't be denied. Regular aerobic exercise like walking helps you maintain lean muscle mass and bone mineral density in both your legs and core. It's also a healthy way to torch calories if you're trying to achieve a weight loss goal. In addition, embarking on a brisk walk is an excellent way to get a natural mood boost.

If you're game to start walking more, take a cue from TikToker @alltheradreads and just get started! Sometimes, taking the first initial step in a new fitness routine is the most challenging part. The rest will likely be smooth sailing from there.

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