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Aldi Is Selling a Wine Advent Calendar With 24 Bottles of Wine

Aldi has created the perfect gift for the holiday season—24 days of vino!

If you think it's too early for some holiday cheer, think again. Aldi just released their 2019 wine advent calendar, and it's single-handedly spreading the holiday spirit. The festive box features 24 mini bottles of wine. Is there anything cuter than drinking from little bottles? We think not.

To make this release even more exciting, this wine advent calendar is being sold in the United States just like last year's wine calendar from Aldi. In 2017, the advent calendar was only sold in Aldi locations in the UK, but because of its success last year in the US, it's back for another go around.

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It will be on sale at Aldi stores starting Nov. 6, so you can start drinking on the day it comes out and make it all the way through to the end of November. Or if you can keep it traditional and wait until Dec. 1, you can drink your way all the way to Christmas Eve. Either way, you have a little time to find your nearest Aldi and start preparing. No matter your decision, this advent calendar should be the way you're spending the upcoming holiday months.

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aldi's wine advent calendar tree
Courtesy of Aldi's

The calendar retails for $69.99, which is definitely not cheap, but when you think about all you're getting out of it with 24 bottles of wine, it really is a pretty good deal. Plus, you can't really put a price on the holiday spirit that this advent calendar will spark in the person in your life who loves wine.

This advent calendar also gives you a great opportunity to sample different varieties of wine, from whites to reds, so you really get the full wine tasting experience. It's truly got it all, from the holiday joy to the virtually everlasting wine (well, for 24 days at least), and all in a box that would be perfect to gift to the biggest wine lover you know…even if that is yourself.  So if you plan on shopping at Aldi during the holiday season, you may just want to pick one of these calendars up.

We cannot wait to celebrate the holiday season with this advent calendar and all of our favorite holiday desserts.

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