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Here's How to Score 40 Boneless Wings From Applebee's on Super Bowl Sunday

Yes, there's a catch. (There's always a catch.)
applebees boneless buffalo wings

How many chicken wings are the right amount of chicken wings? Twelve? Twenty-four? How about forty?

If you answered "forty," we've got some good news for you. Next month, as a Super Bowl promotion, Applebee's is all but handing out 40 boneless buffalo chicken wings to those who want 'em. (So, everyone.) However, like a forward pass that actually goes as planned, there's a catch.

For starters, you have to place your order on Sunday, February 2nd. (This is a Game Day deal, after all.) The order also has to be placed online, either through the fast-casual chain's website or app, and it has to be a delivery order, too. At checkout, type in the code FREEWINGS to claim your prize. The first 40,000 customers—about two-thirds of the live Super Bowl audience, by the way—will be eligible.

But the real clincher is that, to score your free wings, you have to hit an order minimum of $40, before taxes and fees.

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That's right. To get your free food, you'll have to plop down two Jacksons. How's that for free? If you're dining alone, $40 is kind of a tall order. However, if you're with just one other person—and, on Super Bowl Sunday, it stands to reason you will be—you'll hit that mark if everyone on the bill orders an entree.

For instance, the chain's "Irresist-a-Bowls"—massive, multi-flavored bowl meals that just happened to be saddled with horrifically punny nomenclature—clock in around $20 a pop. The burgers—which come with fries, at least—also hover around $20. The same goes for many of the lunch options, from salads and sandwiches to fajitas and pasta.

Or, you could skip the delivery and watch the big game at a brick-and-mortar Applebee's. Currently, the chain offers all-you-can-eat boneless buffalo chicken wings for $13. And for more great game day deals, DiGiorno Will Give Away Free Pizza During the Super Bowl—If the Game Hits a Certain Score.

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