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Julien Perry

Julien Perry

About author

Julien Perry is a food and wine writer based in Seattle. Her work has appeared in Food & Wine, Eater, Seattle Magazine, and Food Network, to name just a few. She has authored two cookbooks: Seattle Cooks and Washington Wine + Food. You can find her on Instagram at: @juliendperry

Articles by Julien Perry

Wendy's sign
Domino's pizza sign
simone biles
wendys avocado chicken salad
impossible breakfast sandwich
popeyes chicken sandwich combo
costco card and cart with groceries
Woman pouring glass of white wine
mobile pay
wine bottles
Please wait to be seated host stand
grocery bag on kitchen counter
woman on computer drinking coffee
outdoor dining
man holding plastic grocery bag with lettuce and bananas
grocery shopping
produce aisle
Prepared foods at Walgreens in a refrigerated case
shallot soup
crab toast