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Lia Picard

Lia Picard

About author

Lia Picard lives in Atlanta where she writes about all things lifestyle. When it comes to food, Lia has covered everything from restaurant news, chef profiles, ingredient deep dives, and best practices in the kitchen. You can read her work in several print and digital publications including the New York Times, Real Simple, Wine Enthusiast, and Thrillist.

Articles by Lia Picard

80s childhood foods
burger king drink fries and burger
chick-fil-a drink and fry box
macaroni and potato salad served in black bowls
Zucchini noodles zoodles
Aldi store front
candy bars in grocery store checkout aisle
Bacon cheeseburger
lunch boxes with kids school supplies and whole apple
wine bottles
Pistachio banana ice cream
ina garten
ree drummond
Fork and knife
three purple pig mocktails carrot mocktail recipe