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Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

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Tim Liu, CSCS, is an online fitness and nutrition coach based in Los Angeles. Tim helps busy men and women lose fat and build muscle without having to live in the gym. He teaches clients sustainable habits so they can not only lose weight but also keep it off.

In addition to being a strength and conditioning coach, Tim is also a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and Certified Coach through the Online Trainer Academy. You can find Tim on his website at and on Instagram @timliufitness

Articles by Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

man doing cardio workout for faster weight loss
man performing medicine ball exercise to burn gut fat
woman hiking outdoors, exercise to lose inches off your waist
man performing dumbbell pushup as part of men's pot belly workout
barbell exercise for rapid weight loss
weighted backpack cardio exercise to lose fat in your waistline
woman performing kettlebell swing to shrink visceral fat
man doing exercise to slim down a thick waistline
woman performing dumbbell walking lunges, an exercise to get rid of a big belly
stability ball exercise to shrink a muffin top for good
mature woman doing pushups outdoors to get rid of chicken wings
man doing resistance fat-melting workout outdoors in woods
man demonstrating rowing machine exercise to lose your gut in your 40s
woman performing dumbbell pushups to get rid of armpit fat
man doing barbell press to get rid of a beer belly
man kettlebell workout exercise to lose a pot belly
woman performing free weight side lunge to get rid of belly flab
woman performing gut-reducing exercises with medicine ball
mature man performing pushups to reverse aging after 50
mature happy man fitness, lose your gut in your 60s exercises
bodyweight exercise to shrink your waistline after 40
woman doing dumbbell exercise to get rid of bat wings for good
woman rowing demonstrating exercise to shrink fat in your midsection quicker
mature man barbell workout, mistakes at the gym
man performing dumbbell exercise to get rid of a flabby stomach
man doing decline pushup with legs raised, belly fat burner
man in his 50s doing squats with dumbbells to get rid of a pot belly
man performing renegade row in gym to shrink belly fat faster
woman doing plank pushup to get rid of bat wings
man doing resistance band exercise