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The Bizarre New Way to Eat Avocado Is to Drink It in Tea

The leaves could have a number of health benefits.

Maybe avocado toast is your go-to breakfast. But have you tried avocado tea?

For me, growing up with a mother who's heavily invested in her Irish heritage meant drinking tea at least three times a day. I had tea with breakfast and as an afternoon pick-me-up, and a fresh cup always accompanied dessert before bed. Although the mugs I drank from were different, the tea inside the mugs was always the same: black Lipton.

Now that I'm 27, tea is still a staple in my diet, but these days, I sip a variety of leaves and flavors at which my mother would raise an eyebrow. From DAVIDsTea's peanut butter cup tea to Tea Forté's raspberry coconut black tea, I'll try anything once…even avocado tea.

The concept of sipping the avocado plant might seem ridiculous when you could be spreading it over a piece of toast, but trust me, it's not as bizarre as it sounds.

What is avocado tea?

In this case, I tried Avocado Leaf Tea, which is made from avocado tree leaves. (This isn't the same thing as tea made from avocado seeds, about which there haven't been studies on human safety.) Sharon Colona, the co-founder and owner of Avocado Leaf Tea, found inspiration in the plant's diverse history when founding the company.

"After deciding to purchase an avocado grove last year, I started doing a bit of research on all things avocado," Colona explains. "I found that the leaves of the avocado tree have been used for centuries, dating back to the Aztecs and Mayans, for their pharmaceutical properties."

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Why sip avocado leaves instead of eating an avocado?

"[Avocado] leaf has a high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, both of which are super antioxidants," Colona says. "All of the benefits that come from drinking a super antioxidant beverage are associated with the tea. They range from helping to protect your body from free radicals to helping to reduce hypertension."

A 2017 study from Tadulako University in Indonesia confirmed that avocado leaves contain antioxidants, though the leaves' effect on people is largely unknown. (A 1999 study found that avocado leaf extract temporarily lowered blood pressure in rats, but there aren't similar published studies about humans.)

What does avocado leaf tea taste like?

Avocado Leaf Tea comes in five flavors, but I decided to taste-test the brand's "natural" blend. I had imagined it as a kind of green tea, but avocado tea actually gives off a light red tint.

The Avocado Leaf Tea website says it has "earthy notes, a warm reddish color, and a delicate flavor." Upon the first sip, I found the description to be accurate. And the warm beverage goes down incredibly smoothly, too.

My experience with avocado leaf tea

When I finished my first cup, I felt fuller than I usually do when having a cup of black tea with breakfast. I also saw a difference in my anxiety levels and focus throughout the morning; I finished a writing assignment quickly and efficiently, and by the time I headed to the grocery store, I wasn't even nervous about the drive through the rain.

After a second cup in the afternoon, I had enough energy for a 40-minute yoga workout, even though the tea is decaf. That could be because avocados contain serotonin, which can boost mood and overall disposition. Serotonin also promotes healthy sleep cycles, and I can honestly say that the two cups of avocado leaf tea had a positive impact on me that night. I felt tired at an appropriate time and dozed off as soon as my head hit the pillow.

What's more, I suffer from IBS, and I'm always looking for new ways to ease my symptoms. I was experiencing pain in my abdominals, bloating, and constipation at the time I tried Avocado Leaf Tea. The next morning, I was able to go to the bathroom with minimal discomfort. That may have been because the tea's antioxidants support a healthy gut and fight inflammation.

Overall, I would highly recommend tea lovers give this delicious blend a try. It will be a staple in my morning routine until the last sachet has been brewed. Of course, I'm not suggesting you say "buh-bye" to slices of avocado forever, but I'm willing to bet anyone who loves guacamole will appreciate this avocado sip.

Julia Guerra
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