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Babybel Just Released its First New Cheese in 9 Years—Plus, a Newly Improved Flavor

Fans of Monterey Jack will be most pleased.

Portable, peelable, and downright adorable, Babybel cheese has won the hearts of adults and children alike with its miniature wheels of creamy cheese. The individually wrapped, wax-coated product is offered in several flavors across the world—and Babybel just added two more to its lineup.

The snack cheese brand announced in a recent press release that it has launched both a brand new flavor and a newly upgraded flavor as well, giving cheese lovers even more options for snacking on the go.

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Making its debut is the Mini Babybel Monterey Jack—the brand's first new flavor in nine years. Driven by "significant consumer demand" for this cheese variety, Babybel conducted 15 months of product development and consumer testing before releasing the flavor to the public. According to the brand, the new flavor of 100% real cheese is "mild and creamy with a slight sweetness" and offers over four grams of protein per serving.

Citing its May 2022 research, Babybel also highlighted the new flavor's appeal across age groups, noting that 90% of adults said they'd purchase the cheese for themselves and about 80% of kids said they'd eat it if was in their house.

babybel monterey jack and mozzarella cheeses
Courtesy of Bel Brands USA

Also available on grocery store shelves is the new and improved Mini Babybel Mozzarella, which has an "even creamier true mozzarella taste" than the initial iteration that came out in 2013. Like Babybel's Monterey Jack cheese, the mozzarella comes with four grams of protein.

"The adults and families who love Babybel products are our number one priority, and as their needs change, so do we by evolving our portfolio offerings," Melanie Nemoy, Babybel's brand director, said in a press release. "Consumers are at the heart of our business decisions, particularly when it comes to new product varieties or reformulations. We sought out their feedback to bring forward Monterey Jack and to improve the Mozzarella that you can try on shelves today."

Babybel's latest cheese products are available in 12-count bags for a retail price of $7.99 at major retailers like Albertsons, Hy-Vee, Wakefern, and Walmart.

The Monterey Jack and reformulated mozzarella cheeses aren't the only items Babybel has introduced over the past year. In April 2022, Bel Brands USA premiered Babybel Plant-Based, which features a "smooth texture similar to mozzarella," according to the brand's website.

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