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Baskin-Robbins Debuts New Ice Cream Flavor That Tastes Like Thanksgiving

The chain’s famous Turkey Cake is also back in addition to this fun Flavor of the Month.

Now that Halloween is behind us, there's one more holiday to get excited about before we go into full-on Christmas mode. And America's beloved ice cream chain wants in on the fun.

This year, Baskin-Robbins is getting into the spirit of celebration by introducing a new Turkey Day Fixin's ice cream flavor. "Get ready for side dish bliss!" says the company on its website, introducing this unique Flavor of the Month.

The unusual flavor represents what many think is the best part of Thanksgiving—the side dishes—all swirled into one creative concoction that's sure to get ice cream fans talking. Featuring sweet potato and autumn spice ice creams with honey cornbread pieces and cranberry sauce swirls, this may be the perfect way to get all the flavors of your favorites into one bite. Think of it as a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich but as dessert!

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Baskin-Robbins says the flavor combines real sweet potatoes, pieces of crumbly cornbread sweetened with honey, and cranberry sauce swirls made with Ocean Spray cranberries, all mixed in an Autumn Spice ice cream base flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, clove, sage, and thyme. If that doesn't give you fall vibes, nothing will! The flavor will be available all November long in stores and for purchase online at various locations.

And back in time to celebrate another Thanksgiving is Baskin-Robbins' Turkey Cake. This delectable cake is made to look like an oven stuffer but features ice cream sugar cones for turkey legs, your choice of ice cream flavor inside, and is covered in a sweet caramel praline glaze. This is one dessert that's sure to be the centerpiece of your family gathering. (Just beware that kids and maybe even adults will be fighting over the legs). Fully customized cakes take 24 to 48 hours so order in advance online or in a Baskin-Robbins shop.

baskin-robbins' turkey cake

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"We continue to push the boundaries of flavor innovation at Baskin-Robbins and wanted to bring a unique scoop to the table that deliciously encapsulates all the sweet and savory flavors from your favorite Thanksgiving sides," said Hannah Suits, Director of Brand Marketing for Baskin-Robbins in a press release. "Along with the return of our iconic Turkey Cake, these offerings are a delicious and innovative take on holiday favorites."

Bring one or both of these treats to your Thanksgiving table or Friendsgiving gathering to start a new tradition that's unique and sweet.

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