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This Beloved Domino's Menu Item Is Healthier Than You Think

One healthy swap made this particular item that much better!

Domino's may be known for their handmade pizzas, but there's also another beloved menu item that customers can't seem to get enough of: Chicken wings. According to a recent announcement, Domino's is completely changing their wing offerings. And it's not just the amount of flavors/sauces they offer, but the way that it is prepared as well. Although most chicken wings are deep-fried, Domino's actually offers baked chicken wings, making it a healthy Domino's menu item you wouldn't normally expect.

According to Restaurant Business, Domino's spoke of their wing changes in a Q2 2020 earnings call including the amount of fat content, the texture, along with the way it is prepared and the sauces that are used. Instead of frying in oil, Domino's wings are baked in their pizza ovens and placed in a small corrugated box, resulting in a less soggy wing post-delivery.

"We pride ourselves on a baked wing that can be delivered," said CEO Ritch Allison in the earnings call.

dominos chicken wings

Their reasoning has to do with many years of testing and research. Domino's noticed that customers were looking for wings that have a "better, firmer texture," instead of ones that are covered in oil. Because the sauce is applied after the wings bake, the crispy texture of the wing remains.

Their flavors have also expanded! As of now, you can choose from four different sauces: hot buffalo, honey barbecue, sweet mango habanero, and garlic parmesan. Plain wings without the sauce are also available if you prefer it. Domino's also has a few boneless crispy chicken options, but if you're looking to keep your calories (and carbohydrate) counts low, the regular wings will likely be your healthiest bet.

The choice to expand its wing offering has to do with the particular fast food industry. Between different chains competing for the best fast-food chicken sandwich—and companies like McDonald's hopping on the bandwagon—other restaurant chains are looking for ways to take advantage of this growing trend. Even the National Chicken Council says that they expect to see major increased interest in chicken wings this year.

So if you're craving some wings, you at least know how the wings at Domino's are prepared! Plus, you can take comfort in all of the careful research that went into making sure you receive the crispiest wings ever when they are delivered to your front doorstep.

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Kiersten Hickman
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