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Here's Why Ben Affleck Worked the Dunkin' Drive-Thru Yesterday

The actor served up coffee and ear-to-ear smiles . . . but it was all for his latest gig!

Ben Affleck's love for Dunkin' is nearly legendary. He has frequently been photographed carrying trays of the chain's iced coffee and boxes of donuts, and has told Collider in a 2019 interview that he stops at the chain every single day. One photo of Affleck dropping a Dunkin' order on his doorstep in late 2020 was famously turned into a meme that still pops up all over the internet.

But fans were surprised to see the Good Will Hunting and Justice League actor's dedication to Dunkin' has now transcended the basic customer-business relationship. On Tuesday, Affleck was spotted working the drive-thru at a Dunkin' location in Medford, Mass., which is located just several miles from Boston.

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Pictures of the actor that circulated on social media during his apparent Dunkin' stint showed him fully decked out in a Dunkin' t-shirt, visor, and headset, as he distributed orders to customers. Some social media users even suggested that Affleck should become a permanent Dunkin' employee.

"No one has ever seen Ben Affleck smile this hard in Hollywood. man needs to quit his job and start picking up shifts at Dunkin'," Fletcher Peters, an entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast, tweeted alongside a picture of Affleck working at the Dunkin' location.

One of the customers who was able to interact with Affleck shed light on why he spent Tuesday slinging coffee and donuts. Lisa Mackay, who took a photo of Affleck inside the store, told NBC10 Boston that she signed a form permitting video of her to be used. Mackay said that crew members revealed they were filming a commercial.

Additionally, a film crew was seen Tuesday afternoon breaking down a shoot at a Medford Dunkin', NBC10 Boston reported.

Mackay described Affleck, a Massachusetts native, as quick-witted and funny during their interaction. Mackay also told The Washington Post that "there's no one better" for a Dunkin' partnership than Affleck because of his love for the chain.

Perhaps the most well-known of Affleck's customers on Tuesday was Jennifer Lopez, who was spotted in photos and videos inside the Dunkin' location and going through its drive-thru.

Affleck and Lopez, who have been seen making Dunkin' stops since rekindling their relationship in 2021, were married last year.

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