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Costco Customers Say These Are the Absolute Best Deals at the Warehouse

These GOAT bargains are always worth the trip.
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Inflation is making deals pretty hard to find these days, and that's why we're extra thankful that we have Costco in our lives.

The membership-only warehouse makes it possible to shop for families (and even for little league teams) at a discount, thanks to their ridiculously great deals on everything from toilet paper to rotisserie chicken. But some deals are better than others.

For the best deals ever, we turned to Costco customers themselves, who adamantly voiced their picks on Reddit.

Costco Is Selling Chocolate Chip Cheese and Shoppers Are Intrigued

Rotisserie chicken

rows of costco rotisserie chicken
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"No treasure hunt needed," one Redditor says. The rotisserie chicken, which is a hefty three-pound fully roasted, seasoned, juicy, ready-to-eat masterpiece, sits proudly in the center of each Costco, spinning its heels as it waits (not too long) for Costco customers to swing by and grab it.

Costco sells 100 million of these annually, which is a surprise to no one. With a price of $4.99 per bird, the chain can barely keep those chicks in the oven long enough to bake. The chickens are the evergreen equivalent of a Black Friday doorbuster.

The hot dogs

costco hot dog and soda
Costco / Facebook

You don't even need to come by with a huge grocery list to partake in this deal. Go directly to the cafe area, and indulge in the $1.50 hot dog combo deal, which gets you a soda to boot.

The price of this gem has remained the same since its inception in 1985, and Costco promises never to raise that price. "I buy two of them, and that is my meal," one hungry Redditor says. "I don't know where else I can get a quick meal that tastes this good for only $3 total."


kirkland vodka
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Redditors advise you skip the liquor store and head directly to your closest Costco. The warehouse's Kirkland brand six-times distilled Vodka is less than $25 after taxes for the 1.75 liter bottle. The same size bottle of Smirnoff is about $60. "Two bottles alone make the $60 membership worth it," said one person.

Ciabatta bread

costco ciabatta rolls
Costco / Facebook

You can get 18 of these for $6, freshly baked in-store. One person on Reddit says he likes to add lettuce, aged cheese, mustard, mayo, sriracha, and Costco's Rotisserie chicken to make scrumptious sandwiches.

"Wrap 'em up for your lunch, the buns hold everything in there nicely for eating on the go," they say. "Better than any artisanal stuff at Starbucks for a fraction of the cost, and it tastes fantastic."

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

kirkland signature organic extra virgin olive oil

The Kirkland EVOO bottle is huge, coming in at 2 liters. It's cold pressed, USDA organic, and it's less expensive than nearly every equitable bottle out there. Plus, dietitians like Sydney Greene say the quality is over-the-top excellent.

"Unlike other brands, some olive oils also contain other seed or vegetable oils which detract from the nutritional benefits of olive oil," she says. "This is a high-quality 100% olive oil with an affordable price tag." The olives aren't grown with any harmful pesticides, so you can be sure you won't have any health issues related to the EVOO.


kirkland signature rioja reserva wine
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Yes, we're back to the alcohol section again. But really, the deals here are amazing, according to Reddit. "The Kirkland Malbec Reserve punches way above its price," says one person on Reddit. "The Rioja Reserva is really fabulous – especially at $8 a bottle," adds another.

And a third recommends the Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc, which someone else says is better than most $15 Sauvignon Blancs in other stores. The Brut Sparkling is great for a very reasonable price as well, and the Champagne is one Redditor's favorite $20 bottle out there. Moral of the story: Get the Kirkland-brand wine. It's great.

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