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11 Best Lasagnas In America, According to Chefs

Chefs who know pasta chime in on restaurants that serve top-notch lasagna dishes.

Between the grocery store freezer aisle and Garfield's recent big-screen debut, lasagna is having a moment. After sampling some of the best—and . . . less best—lasagnas from chain restaurants, we thought it was time to poll the pasta pros to map out the best of the bunch. Recently, chefs weighed in on their favorite restaurants for sandwiches, steak, and pizza, so when it was time to source the best lasagna in America, we knew who to ask. From nostalgic mom-and-pop restaurants to upscale eateries reinventing the pasta wheel, these are the best lasagnas in America, according to chefs.

Cucina Biagio

When he's not making his own spinach lasagna at Piccolo Sogno in Chicago, chef/owner Tony Priolo takes a stroll down memory lane at Cucina Biagio. Located on the far northwest side of the city, the old-school restaurant serves a classic cheese lasagna with marinara or bolognese — and according to Priolo, "It reminds me of my grandmother's."

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Don Angie

a plate of don angie's famous pinwheel lasagna
Photo: Don Angie / Facebook

As the executive chef of Angelena's Ristorante Italiano in Pensacola, James Briscione knows a thing or two about good pasta. There, he serves his "Greenwich St. Lasagna," made with an eight-hour bolognese, mozzarella, Parmesan, and herbed ricotta. It makes sense, then, that his favorite lasagna in the country comes from a restaurant located on Greenwich Avenue. Don Angie, in New York City, serves what Briscione describes as a "unique take on the classic lasagna," with "crunchy, crispy cheese-baked edges" and a "rich and satisfying bolognese" that gets rolled into pinwheels with layers of fresh pasta, creamy béchamel, mozzarella, and Parmesan. "Their lasagna is the inspiration for the crowd-favorite version of the dish we serve at Angelena's."

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

Paul Bartolotta, chef and owner of The Bartolotta Restaurants in Wisconsin, says his favorite lasagna (besides the one served at his Ristorante Bartolotta dal 1993, of course) can be found at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria in New York City. Recalling the "fond memories" of the restaurant's lasagna, he remembers it "for its authenticity and incredible flavors."

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Bar Enza

a slice of 100 layer lasagna from bar enza
Photo: Bar Enza

Sometimes, we crave lasagna that's classic, simple, and comforting. Other times, we want lasagna with a pinch of pomp and circumstance. Just ask Jason Woo, chef/owner of Wusong Road in Cambridge. He recalls a 100-layer lasagna made by Mark Ladner at local Bar Enza, with thin layers of fresh semolina pasta, marinara, and béchamel. It is all then placed under a broiler to achieve toasty, molten layers. "I preferred this style due to the complex textures of crispy pasta and you didn't feel like you were drowned in cheap ricotta filling," he says.


catelli's lasagna with bread on a plate
Photo: Doug U. / Yelp

Having a gluten intolerance prevents Crista Luedtke from partaking in lasagna very often ("I love lasagna, but it doesn't love me back!"), but every once in a while, the chef/owner of boon eat + drink in Guerneville, Cali., indulges at a nearby favorite. "If i am gonna cheat, then it's gonna be with chef Domenica Catteli's lasagna," she says, describing the dish — at Geyserville's Catelli's — as having "oh so many layers" and "all fresh handmade pasta and flavors and ingredients of the moment." Adds Luedtke, "She's the real-deal Italian and you can taste the love."

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Nonni's Italian Bistro

dish of lasagna from nonni's in oregon
Photo: Doug B. / Foursquare

As the executive chef of culinary development for Tillamook, Josh Archibald is well-versed in all things cheesy. And that includes lasagna, which he loves to get at Nonni's Italian Bistro in Seaside, Ore. "It's always an old-school Italian experience, and the lasagna has been a standout for me," Archibald explains. "Sheets of fresh (made in-house) pasta, layered with a from-scratch bolognese with tons of whole-milk mozzarella, fresh basil, and real Parmigiano-Reggiano." If you save room, he also recommends the tiramisu for dessert.


a large pan of baked lasagna from rubirosa
Photo: Rubirosa / Instagram

The best lasagna Ralph Scamardella has ever had (aside from his mom's, as he rightfully points out) is the version baked at Rubirosa in New York City. As the chief culinary officer of TAO Group Hospitality explains of the meaty lasagne for two, made with mozzarella, sausage, and meatballs, "They do a great job with this old-school classic done just right, and that's the kind of cooking we all like to eat, and how I like to cook."

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Noodle Pudding

a plate of lasagna from brooklyn's noodle pudding
Photo: Lauren R. / Yelp

Heaping platters of Italian comfort food is the name of the game at Brooklyn's Noodle Pudding. The restaurant ranks among the foremost lasagna destinations for Jason Hall, VP of culinary development for TAO Group concepts Sake No Hana and Cathédrale in Manhattan. "Noodle Pudding on Henry Street has one of the best lasagnas," he says. "It's a cozy, old school cash-only spot, with great comfort food mainstays and the lasagna does not disappoint."

Storico Fresco

a plate of lasagna from storico fresco with wine and floral garnish
Photo: Storico Fresco

When in the mood for lasagna, Brian Mooney can either eat his own version, served at Tre Luna Bar & Kitchen in Hoover, Ala., or leave the cooking to someone else. For that, he and his wife, Erin Mooney, head to Storico Fresco in Atlanta, Ga. "They make all of their pasta in-house, and their traditional bolognese and béchamel sauces are fantastic," he says. "We usually split the lasagna as our appetizer and try something new from the menu for our entree."

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Alaluna Ristorante

a plate of tuna bolognese from alaluna
Photo: Resy

"Forget everything you know about lasagna," says Nima Garos, owner of JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana and Italian-inspired Gelso & Grand in New York City. "I discovered the most surprising lasagna in New York with Alaluna's bluefin tuna bolognese." Of the original version, served at Alaluna Ristorante, he describes it as "a bold reimagining of a classic, where the rich, savory notes of tuna and Parmigiano pushes boundaries and leaves an impression, especially for me as a pescatarian."

Maggiano's Little Italy

maggiano's mom's lasagna in a bowl
Maggiano's / Facebook

Sometimes, the familiar comfort of a chain restaurant is what you're really craving. Maggiano's Little Italy, for instance, is a favorite for chef Jonathan Scinto, who loves the restaurant in general ("It's the best of all the so-called chain Italian wannabe restaurants") but especially raves about the lasagna. "It's delicate and rustic, with the right punch of flavor," says Scinto of the "Mom's Lasagna," made with ricotta, marinara, and beef and Italian sausage.

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