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Matt Kirouac

Matt Kirouac

About author

Matt Kirouac is a travel and food writer and culinary school graduate, with a passion for national parks, all things Disney, and road trip restaurants. He's a recent transplant to Oklahoma City after two and a half years of RV living with his husband Brad and their dog Finn.

Articles by Matt Kirouac

pepperoni pizza slices
soda and sandwich
shula's steakhouse steak
The #1 Order to Never Make at a Brunch Spot, According to Chefs
people taking buffet food
friends having pasta dinner with white wine
shula's steakhouse steak
margherita pizza in traditional wood oven
Man holding white wine and eating salmon, potatoes, and spinach
epic burger cheeseburger
steak, potatoes, red wine
butter burgers
burger king impossible southwest bacon whopper
The #1 Order to Never Make at a Steakhouse, According to Chefs
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ocean prime steak, brunch foods, and cocktails
quiznos' honey bacon club
papa johns pizza
steak 'n shake 7x7 steakburger
chopt salad toppings
wienerschnitzel chili dog
Veggie whopper from Burger King
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dipping sauces and chicken nuggets
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BurgerFi burger
taco bell
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Burger king whopper sandwich
These Restaurants Are Nearing Bankruptcy, Recent Data Shows