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The Healthiest Red Wines—and Which Ones to Buy!

A toast to wonderful wine!
The Healthiest Red Wines—and Which Ones to Buy!
A toast to wonderful wine!

The verdict is in: wine is not guilty of causing stomach fat! Phew. You can get away with one five-ounce glass here and there during your week and still pull up those skinny jeans with ease. And it’s not news that wine is a source of antioxidants, but do you actually know how they benefit you or where they even come from? And which wines are even more wonderful than others?

Of the many nutrients in wine, resveratrol is the predominant compound that’s packed with antioxidant properties. It’s sourced from dark-skinned berries, and according to the Mayo Clinic, resveratrol may be the antioxidant responsible for protecting blood vessels from damage, reducing levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, and preventing blood clots! What we’re trying to say is that you can take a break and pour yourself a glass of the good stuff with total confidence. But make sure you’re stocking your cabinet with the best amounts of resveratrol—and for a reasonable price! Check out your options below and then be sure to watch our video on How to Make Wine Last Longer!


Pinot Noir

Not only is a five-ounce glass of pinot noir only 121 calories, it also contains the highest concentration of resveratrol than any other wine, says a paper published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. Never had pinot noir before? No problem! Here are two superb selections that are worth a taste.

Steal: Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir

Described as a medium-bodied pinot noir, the minute this wine is uncorked it expels an enticing aroma made of cherry, red raspberry, and toasted almonds. The flavor consists of hints of cranberry, sweet plum, and nutmeg. The best part? It can be found on for $7.99. Pair a glass of this Chilean wine with one of these healthy chicken recipes for a killer dinner. (Yes, we’re giving you permission to pair red with poultry!)

Splurge: Willamette Valley Whole Cluster Pinot Noir 2015

If you’re able to spend a few extra dollars on a bottle of vino this week, look into Oregon’s own Willamette Valley Whole Cluster variety. Its deep red tint encompasses aromas of cherry, blackberry, and cocoa. The bottle can be found on for just $20.99, so it’s a splurge that doesn’t necessarily break the bank. Serve this wine with one of these savory Healthy Homemade Pizzas to accentuate the wine’s sweetness.



Syrah or shiraz is a surprisingly pleasant choice for when you want to indulge in a grilled fillet of salmon. Why? The rough char essence from the grill marks on the fish pairs well with the sweet flavor of black currants and smooth texture of the wine. Not to mention, the two together act as a tremendous duo with the wine’s resveratrol and salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids.

Steal: Shoofly Shiraz 2014

With scents of fruit, licorice, and finished with a subtle hint of pepper, this Australian wine will have you hooked within seconds of savoring. You can find the trusted brand and bottle on for $13.99.

Splurge: Maimai Syrah 2013

You may think of white wine when you think of New Zealand, but this syrah can hold its own, too. You can order this bottle on for only $20.99—not a pricey splurge!



Often described as elegant, soft, and ripe, this red wine is known for its less-bitter flavor and is one of the top choices for a red wine newbie. Not only is its texture luring, but many people like its distinctive flavor of plum and chocolate notes; give one of these wines a whirl, literally!

Steal: Gnarly Head Merlot 2013

Described as velvety and lush, this merlot will reel you in upon first taste with its flavors of black currant, black cherry, blackberry, plum, sweet herbs, and spice. Pair the wine with a hearty dish, like one of these sweet potato recipes for optimal savor. You can find the bottle on for under $10!

Splurge: Swanson Napa Valley Merlot 2012

This purple beverage gets its distinctive taste from an array of black cherry, cocoa, and clove. While this bottle is more expensive, clocking in at just under $40 on, the Napa Valley favorite is worth the investment.



Madiran is actually a village that lies in the countryside of Gascony, which is located in the southwest region of France. Gascony cultivates the tannat, which is the grape that comprises the rather acidic madiran wine. So what makes this wine stand out? The tannat grape is notorious for having a rich source of the polyphenol tannin. Tannins are responsible for fighting off bacterial infections, which makes us wonder if we should pair a glass with some chicken noodle soup the next time we’re sick?

Steal: Chateau Aydie Madiran Laplace 2014

If you have a hobby for collecting wine and cracking them open years down the road, then this is the wine for you! This ruby red madiran wine can be stored anywhere from seven to 10 years and it will still relinquish a blend of fruit and coffee aromas. You can enjoy this taste of France for just $15.99 on

Splurge: Chateau Bouscasse Madiran 2009

Alain Brumont, the man responsible for constructing this eloquent wine, was voted best French winemaker—and even one of the best producers of one of the finest wines in the world—for a reason. This bottle ties tradition with talent and can be found for $29.95 on



Speaking of tannat grapes, cabernet is also is made from the extraordinary grape. The rustic wine contains high levels of procyanidins, an antioxidant that’s known to improve cardiovascular and arterial health and has even been associated with promoting longevity! Who knew the key to a long life was having a glass of cab every once in awhile? Of course, eating a diet rich in vibrant fruits, vegetables, and ancient grains aid with that, too. In the meantime, increase your lifespan by pouring a glass to go with one of the nutrient-laden 30 Salad Recipes for Weight Loss!

Steal: Cypress Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

This cabernet choice offers a distinctive flavor between fruit, coffee, and black tea; but no, you can’t have it for breakfast. Score it on for only $13.99.

Splurge: Bonterra Organically Grown Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

If the word organic doesn’t instantly snatch your attention, then maybe its description will. The cabernet is comprised of aromas of cherry, currant, raspberry and paired with notes of toasted oak wood and vanilla. Yum! You can indulge in a bottle of this wine for under $20 on



If you haven’t already heard, this French-originating wine has become a huge summer trend in the U.S. Not only does the wine have an enticing aesthetic with its crystal, pale pink color, its taste also pulls in avid wine connoisseurs in with its flavor of melon, citrus, grape, and even floral essence. For more insight on Instagram’s favorite wine, read up on 21 Rosé Tips You’ll Want to Know.

Steal: Gazela Vinho Verde Rosé

This light, fizzy wine from Portugal is popular during the summer months for a reason! Made from red grapes, the beverage also churns out a flavor of strawberry and banana, which creates a lively flavor. You can acquire a bottle of this hit wine for $7.99 on

Splurge: Chateau Sainte Marguerite Symphony Rosé 2015

If you’re looking for a wine that’s generous on the palate, then this variety is your go-to! With hints of flowers and passion fruit, peach, and orange, this acidic wine is best paired with just about any seafood, with the exception of tilapia. Enjoy this light yet fervent drink for $31.99 on


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