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Customers Just Picked the Best Fast-Food Breakfast—And It's Not McDonald's

McDonald's was voted as the second most popular spot for fast-food breakfast.

McDonald's has one of the most popular and iconic fast-food breakfast menus out of any chain in America, from the handheld hash brown patties to the McMuffin sandwiches. But in spite of its popularity and big reputation, the Golden Arches actually didn't earn the top pick when consumers recently spoke out on their favorite spot for fast-food breakfast.

In the annual USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice Awards, consumers voted the Southern chain Biscuitville as the best fast-food breakfast joint in 2023. "Biscuitville's fresh-baked biscuits can be enjoyed a number of ways, from simple bacon, egg, and cheese or fried chicken biscuits to more elaborate breakfast sandwiches like their Spicy Chicken & Jalapeño Pimento Cheese Biscuit," according to USA Today's announcement.

To decide the annual 10Best award winners, editors and experts created a list of chains with the best fast-food breakfasts and then had readers vote on their favorite options. They then compiled the 10 most popular chains into a list that was unveiled late last week.

Even though Biscuitville stole the crown in this year's list of the most popular chains, McDonald's wasn't too far behind with a second-place ranking. Readers interested in seeing which other chains have the most popular fast-food breakfasts in America can view the full list on the 10Best website.

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For the uninitiated, Biscuitville is a regional fast-food chain where breakfast is the main event. It offers more than a dozen different breakfast sandwiches using its scratch-made biscuits. Think fried chicken, sausage, and country ham—and the choices don't end there, either.

There's also a range of other classic and unique breakfast options, from scrambled egg platters to a decadent cheesecake-stuffed waffle and the Southern-style sides.

"With breakfast platters and sides of grits, hash browns, or country gravy, plus indulgent sweet treats like their cheesecake-stuffed waffle, it's no wonder folks return again and again," the 10Best announcement read.

Biscuitville said it was honored to be the top pick for fast-food breakfast among consumers.

"We're honored that you chose our Fresh Southern breakfast as your favorite!" Biscuitville posted on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

Unfortunately for fast-food breakfast lovers who don't live in the South, Biscuitville only operates a few dozen locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. But while customers on other parts of the country don't have immediate access to a Biscuitville, they can add the chain to their travel plans if they ever do head to one of those Southern states.

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