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7 Secrets About Burger King That'll Blow Your Mind

If you don't know what "frings" are, you're going to want to read this.

Anyone who enjoys dining out knows that many restaurants have secret menu items, menu hacks, items to avoid, and even the best time to order. And the same can be said about beloved fast-food chains. Including the one and only Burger King.

Fortunately, at many of your favorite spots—including BK—employees have spilled the beans (or burgers, in this case) about all the secret ins and outs. Find out what to order, what to avoid, how to get the best meal, and more insider secrets. Also, always be sure to skip these 8 Worst Fast-Food Burgers to Stay Away From Right Now.

You don't have to choose between fries and onion rings.

burger king frings
Burger King/ Twitter

Can't decide between the two delicious sides? You don't have to! Just order "frings."

According to HackTheMenu, when you ask for "frings," you'll automatically be served half French fries and half onion rings. Or, just ask for half and half—they'll hook you up, no matter what size you order.

You can get a four beef patty burger.

burger king suicide burger
Courtesy of Burger King

Every secret menu has one over-the-top item, and Burger King's Suicide Burger definitely qualifies. Also known as The Quad Stacker, your order will include four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce in between two sesame seed buns.

You can bring back an old favorite.

burger king rodeo king burger
Courtesy of Burger King

Fans of the beloved Rodeo Burger, rejoice! It's super easy to order this favorite even though it's not on the menu anymore. Just ask for a cheeseburger topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce, and you'll be rodeo ready!

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It's not just the sandwiches and sides you can customize.

burger king shakes
Burger King/ Facebook

You can customize your milkshakes, frappes, and smoothies, too. Just ask whoever is working to combine your flavors and they will happily do it, a former employee told Spoon University. In the mood to mix Oreo chocolate with strawberry? Go ahead! The flavor possibilities are really endless.

There's a card that entitles you to free BK for life.

BK for life card
u/pdmcmahon / Reddit

The BK Crown Card is a fairly simple concept: Free food for life. Not to be confused with a regular Crown Card, which is just a gift certificate, only 12 people hold the limitless version. So who are these lucky few? Well, they're handpicked celebrities who are considered "friends" of the fast-food chain. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson (whose first job was manning the drive-thru) is a cardholder, along with Jay Leno and George Lucas.

There is an ideal time to order the cookies.

burger king cookies
Burger King/ Facebook

If you're a fan of BK's yummy chocolate chip cookies, according to Spoon University, they go in the oven between opening and 11 a.m. So if you're a morning person who loves sweets, go get that gooey goodness for the freshest batch.

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Don't toss that receipt!

burger king receipt

Always look at the back of your receipt and go online to do the survey. You'll get a free sandwich—a Whopper or Original Chicken. Who doesn't love free food?

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