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Burger King Is Testing a Juicy New Line of Chicken Items

The new chicken offerings are slated to hit menus this week.

Burger King may be best known for its flame-grilled beef, but the chain now wants to become a destination for flame-grilled poultry as well.

Burger King plans to introduce an exciting new line of Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps on June 6, according to a press release shared with Eat This, Not That! The catch with this launch is that the new items will only be available in the Omaha, Neb., and Hunstville, Ala., markets. Burger King will sometimes test new menu innovations at select stores before rolling them out nationwide, however, so customers can keep their fingers crossed for a wider launch further down the road.

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During the test, customers will be able to order Burger King's Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (600 calories), Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (760 calories), and Bacon and Swiss Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (740 calories) with a flame-grilled chicken breast in lieu of the usual crispy chicken fillet.

Burger King Flame Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Wraps
Courtesy of Burger King

The classic Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes with a savory sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes on a toasted potato bun. The Fiery version features the same toppings as the classic, but the chicken is glazed with a triple pepper fiery glaze. Meanwhile, the Bacon and Swiss Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes with Swiss cheese, bacon, a savory sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes.

While this won't the first time that Burger King has offered a grilled chicken sandwich—it also rolled out a flame-grilled version in 2019—none are currently available at the chain nationwide. There was also only one flavor option for the grilled chicken sandwich that debuted in 2019, versus the range of flavors that customers in Omaha and Huntsville will be able to sample.

Starting on June 6, customers in the test areas will also be able to swap the chicken breast fillet for a half piece of flame-grilled chicken breast on any of its Royal Crispy Wraps. The wraps will be available in variety of flavors, including Classic, Fiery, Honey Mustard, Philly, Fiery Bacon, and Bacon and Cheddar.

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The upcoming launch of the new Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps isn't the only exciting development at Burger King lately. The chain introduced a new Birthday Pie Slice (260 calories) last month in celebration of its 70th birthday, as well as new Mozzarella Fries (730 calories), a Philly Royal Crispy Wrap (360 calories), and a Philly Melt (590 calories).

Burger King will also soon bring back its $5 "Your Way Meal," which will reportedly include fries (300 calories per small order), chicken nuggets (190 calories per four-piece order), a drink, and the customer's choice of one of three sandwiches. Burger King has yet to announce an exact return date for the promotion.

Nutrition information has been included when available.

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