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Burger King Is Testing 2 New Wild Fries to Join Its Unique Chicken Fries

Some fans can’t wait to try them. Others say there’s actually nothing new here.

The home of the Whopper is testing out two wild new additions to its lineup of fries and they're unlike anything the chain has ever served before. Burger King announced that it is launching a test run of a new snack-based menu to be called "Fries, Your Way." The new fries will be tested at Burger King locations in Columbus Ohio between February 13 and mid-May of this year.

The "Fries, Your Way" menu will consist of Burger King's already popular classic Chicken Fries along with two new additions: Churro Fries and Mozzarella Fries. The Churro Fries are thin strips of fried pastry dough tossed in cinnamon sugar and sound similar to the funnel cake fries that KFC tested last year. The Mozzarella Fries are breaded, fry-shaped mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce. All three fry options will be offered in four-, eight-, and 12-piece sizes.

The idea here, according to a Burger King rep, is to offer more menu items that are snacks as opposed to actual meals, as Burger King sees snacking as a growing category that fans are looking for as opposed to full meals with burgers, fries, and a drink.

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Last year, Burger King announced a $400 million plan to upgrade its image called the "Reclaim the Flame" campaign. Part of the campaign was to bring back the vintage slogan "Have It Your Way." The new fries that can be a snack, part of a meal, or dessert seem to fit into this category.

Reaction to the upcoming new fries has been mostly positive online, although some internet critics called out the premise of these really being "new" items at all. For example, one Reddit user posted a comment in the r/fastfood Subreddit that said: "Aren't churro fries just normal churros?" which immediately drew a reply in the same vein reading: "Also the mozzarella fries are just the normal mozzarella sticks they already have."

Granted, the new Mozzarella Fries will be a different shape than the Mozzarella Sticks already on the menu, but the commenters do have a point: this "new" menu is, in many ways, a repackaging of extant options. (Churros are new to BK, for the record.)

On the more positive side of consumer reactions, another Redditor simply said: "A lot of flavorful huge fries! Yum!"

Steven John
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