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Can Eating Eggs Help You Lose Weight?

A nutrition expert shares wisdom on the weight loss benefits of eggs.
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Eggs are a versatile breakfast staple that can be poached, scrambled, boiled, or whipped into an omelet. They're packed with protein, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients that can help boost your overall health. But can eating eggs help you lose weight, or will they weigh you down with cholesterol concerns? To crack the case on the weight loss benefits of eggs, we spoke with Destini Moody, RDN, CSSD, LD, a registered dietitian and sports dietitian with Garage Gym Reviews, who helps us determine whether or not eggs can help you lose weight. Read on to learn more, and when you're finished, be sure to check out Can Eating Oatmeal Help You Lose Weight? A Dietitian Explains.

Can eating eggs help you lose weight?

eating sunny-side-up eggs

When it comes to weight loss, it's no secret that what you eat can significantly impact your progress. While eggs were once criticized for their high cholesterol content, recent research has reshaped our understanding of how eggs affect our health. A 2022 study in Nutrients found that eggs can help keep you feeling full and satisfied due to their high protein content. That's why eggs can reduce overeating and the likelihood of indulging in mindless snacking.

Eggs also contain essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are vital parts of a well-rounded diet. Plus, they're low in calories but nutrient-dense, making them an excellent addition to a weight loss-focused meal plan.

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Here are five ways eggs can help you lose weight.

Now that we've made it clear that eggs can be a valuable addition to your diet, let's dive into five ways eggs can help you lose weight, according to Moody.

1. They can control hunger and boost metabolism.

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Eggs are packed with protein, with roughly 6 grams per medium-sized egg. Protein is highly satiating and revs up your metabolism, helping you shed those extra pounds. Additionally, recent research reveals that egg yolks, in particular, can improve metabolic health.

"Studies show that people who eat a full breakfast, including eggs, tended to eat less throughout the rest of the day compared to subjects who had bagels for breakfast instead," says Moody. "Also, a 2008 study found that men who consumed a calorie-controlled diet that included three eggs in their daily breakfast burned 16% more body fat than men who ate a breakfast that included bagels."

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2. They're a multi-purpose food.

avocado toast with hard boiled egg

Whether you're in the mood for a satisfying scramble, a hearty omelet, or a simple hard-boiled egg, eggs are a highly versatile food that you can enjoy in various ways, helping you enjoy them without getting bored.

"Eggs can be incorporated into the diet in several ways," states Moody. "They can be scrambled with veggies, fried and placed on top of avocado toast, or boiled and added to salads. This versatility is vital when doing diet planning while trying to lose body fat as meal planning is key to making weight loss easy."

3. They're easy to cook.

man cooking eggs

No need to overcomplicate things when cooking eggs—they're quick and straightforward to cook. As previously mentioned, they can be made in several ways, helping reduce excess food intake associated with a lack of variety.

"Even for those with minimal culinary skills, eggs are right up there with cereal and sandwiches on the list of foods that are hard to mess up in the kitchen. Some days, it all comes down to cracking one in a pan or dropping some in a pot of boiling water. For those intimidated by making their meals at home to achieve a successful diet plan, eggs are a great food to fall back on," says Moody.

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4. They're nutrient-dense.

open carton of eggs

Eggs boast a stellar nutritional profile, containing vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body needs and craves. Recent research shows that one medium-sized egg contains only 66 calories while providing choline, vitamin D, folate, B vitamins, iodine, and high-quality protein—critical nutrients for good overall health.

"Eggs are one of the lowest calorie sources of protein and can easily be accommodated into nearly any weight loss diet," says Moody. "You can't lose weight unless you're in a calorie deficit, so low-calorie foods like eggs can help you do that. It also helps that eggs are high in protein as it can help control the hunger that people struggle with when they start cutting calories."

This leads us to our next point…

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5. They're a high-quality protein source.

scrambled eggs, berries, and nuts

When your health and fitness goal is weight loss, high-protein foods become your new best friend. Eggs provide a rich source of high-quality protein that fuels your body and keeps those muscles strong to help fuel weight loss.

"Just because some foods contain protein, we don't always absorb all of the amino acids the food contains. However, according to the World Health Organization, eggs are 'the most digestible protein source.' High-quality proteins play a role in building and maintaining muscle mass, which can help support a faster metabolism for efficient weight loss," explains Moody.

Suffice it to say, eggs are an excellent addition to any healthy diet and weight loss regimen. However you enjoy them, you're in for a protein-packed treat!

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