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This Is Carrie Underwood's Exact Workout Plan

The country star has done anything but slow down lately.

Carrie Underwood is undeniably one of country music's hottest musicians. Her rise to fame came quickly after winning American Idol in 2005, and since then, she's done anything but slow down.

Carrie swept in during the 2022 Grammy Awards to receive her trophy, and everyone was stunned by her sleek physique. Then, at the CMT Music Awards, the Oklahoma native showed off her toned legs on the red carpet in a purple minidress and five-inch heels while scoring yet another win. The 39-year-old singer left fans speechless at the ceremony with her spectacular aerial performance inspired by entertainers at her Las Vegas residency show.

In an interview, Underwood's trainer, Eve Overland, revealed the singer's fitness routine that will inspire you just as it did us. Overland credits Carrie's toned legs and lean physique to alternating between upper and lower body workouts and daily exercises involving opposing muscle groups.

While most of us don't have access to a celebrity trainer, we can take note of Carrie's go-to moves when it comes to exercising.

Carrie crushes upper-body workouts

carrie underwood holding grammy
Jeff Kravitz / Contributor

Carrie Underwood targets the muscle groups in her arms by doing push-ups, pull-ups, tricep dips, and dumbbell presses. The singer keeps her shoulders, biceps, and triceps toned and taut with repetitive supersets and tri-sets. This technique involves targeting two or three muscle groups with exercises, back to back, with little rest until the muscles fatigue.

She practices lunges & squats

exercising with resistance band

Variations between lunges, squats, lateral band walks, kickbacks, and leg press machine work give Carrie the lower-body workout she demands. She also likes to use resistance bands for an extra push. See Carrie Underwood's Calorie-Burning 5-Minute Workout here.

She works on her lower body.

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Kevin Mazur / Contributor

Hamstring rollouts, back squats, and leg presses help keep Carrie's lower body fit and lean. She also utilizes the elliptical machine, treadmill, cable machine, and various hand and leg weights for calorie burning and leg toning.

Carrie works her abs.

ab wheel rollout

Carrie keeps her abs in check with ab wheel rollouts and hanging leg raises. Nowhere to hang? Overland recommends lying on the floor and lifting your legs to heat up your core. Carrie remains fit year-round with 90-minute daily workouts at home and in her mobile gym when she's on the road. Consistency is the secret to her success. These are The 3 Best Ab Workout Tips For Long Lasting Results.

She maintains a healthy diet.

tofu bowl with veggies, avocado, and quinoa

The multi-award-winning singer/songwriter keeps it clean with a primarily plant-based diet. Carrie Underwood eats whole, organic foods such as greens, sprouts, and tofu scramble.

A diet rich in whole grains, lean protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables encourages a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a nutritious diet and daily exercise helps delay the signs of aging and reduce the chances of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

These are 7 Healthy Diet Changes That Improve Your Memory.

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