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See Carrie Underwood's Calorie-Burning 5-Minute Workout

You can do this super-fast routine anywhere—no equipment required.

By now, you likely know that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the fastest and most effective ways to burn calories and torch fat in the shortest amount of time. Assuming that you're not way overdoing it—and you're providing your body with much-needed rest—countless studies have shown that, among other benefits, performing short, vigorous workouts will improve your cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, offer instant stress relief, stabilize blood sugar, and help build strength.

Best of all, you can incorporate these short routines into pretty much any busy schedule, and you don't need to fill your home with any excess equipment. All you really need are four limbs and the force of gravity.

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If you're in the market for a new routine you can try at home, consider the heart-pumping, five-minute HIIT below, courtesy of none other than singer Carrie Underwood, who moonlights as a wellness entrepreneur and contributed her workout to PopSugar. Underwood is responsible for the fitness app Fit52 and owner of the fitness apparel company CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

The three-set HIIT workout is led by Underwood's trainer Eve Overland, and utilizes a series of cardio, strength, and isometric moves, which attack your legs, your abs, and your chest.

Here is the workout in full:

Set One:

  • Forward-Leaning Lunges (right leg forward): 20 seconds.
  • Hold your last lunge: 20 seconds.
  • Repeater Knees: 20 seconds.
  • Squats or squat jumps: 20 seconds.
  • Squat hold: 10 seconds.
  • Pop Squats: 20 seconds.
  • Break: 10 seconds.

Set Two:

  • Forward-Leaning Lunges (left leg forward): 20 seconds.
  • Hold your last lunge: 20 seconds.
  • Repeater Knees: 20 seconds.
  • Break: 10 seconds.

Set Three:

  • Push-ups: 20 seconds.
  • Plank: 10 seconds.
  • Burpees: 20 seconds.
  • Alternating V-Ups: 20 seconds
  • Low Boat Hold: 10 seconds
  • Flutter Kicks: 20 seconds

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