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I'm a Chef and This Is My #1 Go-To Coffee Chain

It certainly wasn’t the chain we were expecting.
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Just because a restaurant chain has thousands of locations across the globe doesn't always guarantee the best bang for your buck. While the ever-so-popular coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' are easy to access, Chef Christina Russo of The Kitchen Community says there's a smaller chain that she prefers to go to when she needs a caffeine fix in the mornings.

"Personally, I always need a coffee fix, especially after a long shift back in the day or before a long 12-hour shift," says Chef Russo. "I love most of the chains but Biggby Coffee is a particular favorite."

Although the chain doesn't reach as far as other popular coffee shops—like Starbucks or Dunkin'—Biggby Coffee has seen rapid growth since opening its first location in Lansing, Michigan in 1995. While some restaurant chains ended up shuttering some locations during the pandemic, Biggby continued to expand across the nation—opening up over 30 locations since November 2020.

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Biggby Coffee is a beloved stop for many in 12 different states within the country: Michigan, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Idaho, and Indiana.

The biggest draw for Chef Russo? The consistently good coffee—and the convenience.

"I think whilst on the go, sometimes coffee isn't as great," she says. "But the drive-thru option at Biggby never fails. I actually tried a new one last week (usually a mocha drinker) in the form of a cookie butter latte, and I'd go as far as to say it's one of the best coffees I've ever had!"

What sets Biggby Coffee apart from other coffee chains

biggby coffee's caramel apple ciders
Biggby Coffee / Facebook

Along with having creative decadent lattes—like the Black Bear Latte, the Mellow Mochanut, and the Strawberry Puff—Biggby Coffee is also known for having a variety of specialty breakfast items, like their Maple Waffle Sandwich and the Tuxedo Muffin—a chocolate muffin topped with a chocolate chip cream cheese swirl.

For those who prefer to hit a coffee chain drive-thru rather than brewing their own cup, Biggby Coffee also offers a rewards program where customers can earn discounts through their weekly "e-wards" as well as freebies on birthdays. Rewards customers can also earn a free beverage after purchasing 12 beverages from the shop, and a free pound of coffee after buying nine pounds!

Biggby Coffee executives are also known for hunting for the best quality product across the globe—connecting with coffee farmers who are doing things right for their communities and the planet. They'll feature different roasts based on the farm and share stories with all of their Biggby Coffee fans.

Between the quality coffee and the convenience of getting a delicious cup on the go, it's no wonder Chef Russo finds Biggby Coffee to be the best of the best.

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