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Cindy Crawford's Best Skincare And Fitness Tricks In Her 50s

The 56-year-old is radiant inside and out.

If we had to choose two words to describe a favorite celeb who's a gorgeous supermodel, an entrepreneur, mom of two, one who happens to have a timeless look and could easily crush it in any swimsuit or outfit, it would be easy to come up with "Cindy Crawford." Case and point? The tall beauty recently posted a "casual afternoon reading" picture on Instagram where she's rocking a swimsuit, plush bathrobe, heels, and ultra-glam shades while chilling in the sunshine with Claudia Schiffer's "Captivate." True beauty, though, is the ability and confidence to celebrate yourself sans makeup, wearing cozy PJs, and enjoying a sprinkle explosion cake, just as Crawford posted in honor of her birthday weekend. What quickly comes to mind is how Cindy Crawford looks so amazing at 56 years old, and we're about to explore how she does it.

Read on to learn more about Crawford's skincare and fitness routines in her 50s. And next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

She embraces age in such a relatable way, eats healthy, and pampers her skin


Achieving the status of a most popular supermodel in the entire world is certainly not as easy as this iconic celeb makes it look. In fact, according to Huffington Post, Crawford revealed how difficult it is to age and opened up about the challenges of getting older—especially when social media platforms are so prevalent. Crawford accepts it in such a real, relatable way, and expressed, "No matter what I do, I'm not going to look 20, or 30. I just want to look great for 50. I exercise, eat healthy, and take really good care of my skin. There's pressure on women to do the undoable, which is not age. But it's about looking great for however old you are, regardless of what that number is."

The 56-year-old model also previously posted about her favorite at-home smoothie recipe she whips up in the morning. This tasty sip is made with 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves, 10 fresh mint leaves, 1/3 frozen banana, 2 teaspoons of WelleCo Super Elixir Greens, 1 scoop of protein, and last but not least, a tiny handful of cacao nibs.

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Crawford's fitness game is strong and targets the abs

blue stability ball on yoga mat

Women's Health reported on Crawford's fitness regimen and how she has such rockin' abs in her 50s. With a bit of Instagram sleuthing, the team revealed Crawford is a big fan of incorporating weights in her workouts. She does cardio, stability ball squats, and Russian twists with a BOSU ball to work her abs. Crawford even posted about a step-by-step "little ab routine" she made up with her trainer over the summer. The workout includes exercises like the standing bicycle crunch, low plank with alternating knee taps, low plank ab saw, and hamstring hold with alternating scissors.

Her skincare routine is simple and refreshing

skincare products

If you're curious about how Crawford achieves refreshingly glowing skin, Vogue previously revealed some of the model's beauty secrets and "ageless beauty regimen." Crawford kicks off the video talking about her morning routine, "which is, of course, getting skincare on and getting out the door as fast as I can," she notes. She's used products from her own skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, such as Meaningful Beauty Beyond Youth Activating Melon Serum and Meaningful Beauty Day Crème (SPF30).

More recently, in an interview with The Zoe Report, Crawford chats about ILIA's Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, which she really likes using in the summertime, in addition to Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Matte Bronzer and KISSME HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof being her warm-weather staples.

Before she hops into the shower, Crawford further notes she does dry brushing—specifically with Elemis' Body Detox Skin Brush. "I find when you exfoliate and get all the dry skin off, [your skin] will [absorb] any product you do put on better," she says. After showering, Crawford apparently uses Chillhouse products, such as the day and night oils (Have A Chill Day Body Oil and Have A Chill Night Body Oil).

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Crawford is a perfectly refreshing role model for everyone who fears aging

cindy crawford at InStyle Awards
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer

Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber have two beautiful children together—Presley, 22, and Kaia, 20. In addition to her family, Crawford keeps extremely busy with her skincare line, which, on its official Instagram page, is described as the celeb's "breakthrough secret to younger looking skin and hair." She even launched a furniture line called Cindy Crawford Home.

We can learn so much from Crawford's radiant attitude and look in her 50s. The beauty takes care of her skin, exercises, and eats well. The American supermodel clearly does not spend time focusing on getting older; she spends time living a healthy life, loving it, and having fun.

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