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Coca-Cola is Giving Fanta a Major Flavor Upgrade

The refreshed Fanta flavor will be “bolder and fruitier-tasting” than the classic soft drink.

There are many ways to describe a bottle of Fanta, but subtle is not one of them. The soft drinks come in a range of fruity flavors and eye-popping colors to match, from the bright blue Fanta Berry to the deep red Fanta Strawberry.

But if there are any Fanta fans out there who've wished for their soda to taste even more vibrant, prepare yourself for some exciting news. The Coca-Cola Company, which owns the Fanta brand, is launching a "bolder and fruitier-tasting" version of the soft drink line's signature flavor: Fanta Orange.

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"It's still the Fanta Orange you know and love, but now even more irresistibly delicious," Chris Hunsaker, senior brand manager for sparkling flavors for Coca-Cola North America, said in a statement. "We're always listening to our consumers to understand their evolving tastes to deliver the best-tasting products and most delightful experiences possible. Fans are craving more of what they love about Fanta Orange, so we've enhanced the recipe by amplifying its bold, fruity attributes."

The new take on Fanta Orange is arriving at grocery stores in the United States and Canada this month, but the launch will expand to additional countries throughout 2023, according to the launch announcement. Coke said that it developed the refreshed flavor via consumer taste tests, so with any luck, fans will be able to give the latest Fanta Orange iteration their stamp of approval.

On top of the redesigned taste, the new Fanta Orange products will also look a little different when they hit grocery store shelves. According to the company, the bottles will feature a new logo and messaging on the label touting the improved taste.

The reinvented soft drink is at the center of what Coke says is its "biggest marketing campaign in more than a decade." The campaign includes Fanta Orange sampling events at college campuses, an immersive Fanta Experience in Los Angeles in mid-April, a limited-edition "Scent of Fanta" fragrance that will launch next month, and Fanta Orange-scented murals in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto.

This is not the only unique Fanta campaign that customers have witnessed in recent months. The Fanta Orange launch follows up the "What the Fanta?" campaign unveiled over the summer of 2022, featuring limited-edition Fanta sodas with mystery flavors that were "formulated to fool senses."

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