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Costco's Perfect French Toast Bread Is Back—But the Price Has Skyrocketed

Not everything about this treat is sweet.

From introducing miniature versions of beloved baked goods to launching brand-new sweet treats, Costco knows how to get people buzzing about its bakery.

Another way the warehouse captures shoppers' attention is by reviving popular items that have spent some time off the shelves. This was made evident by a recent Instagram post shared by @costcohotfinds, who spotted the retailer's Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves on Jan. 21.

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Available in a package of three, the cinnamon-sugar dessert is now being sold for $14.99. "Basically like a churro bread – this is fantastic and it makes the best French toast," @costcohotfinds wrote in the post's caption.

As per usual, plenty of users were quick to rave about the bakery product, with the post racking up hundreds of comments.

One Instagrammer wrote, "Probably my favorite treat from the bakery ever. Dangerously good!" while another one added, "We ABSOLUTELY loved this. Let's hope my local one brings it back. We need to stock pile some in the freezer!"

However, many weren't too thrilled to see the price sticker.

"These are really good but they literally doubled the price since they were last out. Kinda crazy, and honestly can't justify spending almost $20 for 3 small sugary bread loaves," one user commented. Someone else wrote, "This was 8.99 in 2021… just sayin."

The bakery item was previously spotted in September for $14.99. Meanwhile, in January 2022, Costco was selling packages for $10.99, according to an earlier Instagram post from @costcohotfinds.

Costco's Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves aren't the only returning bakery items that have gotten shoppers talking. Earlier this month, multiple social media users spotted the return of the warehouse's Ham & Cheese Pastries, which are now available for $8.99. The product's resurgence drew in a mixed response, with many gushing over the product and others being less than enthused.

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