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Costco Is Bringing Back This Beloved Item to Its Food Court Menu

The limited menu is slowly getting bigger again!

Months after announcing the closure of food courts in stores because of the coronavirus pandemic, Costco switched to takeout only. But now they have started reintroducing things onto the menu again, too. So say hello again to the Costco chicken bake!

Yep, the chicken breast, cheese, bacon, and caesar dressing combo is back, according to an Instagram account called @costcoguy4u, but it might not be exactly like you remember. "They were different than the older version but good," he says. "I found them a bit saltier with a different crust."

He also notes that the cashier said the snack is pre-made now — but that may not be the case for each food court. One person's comment on the post says that in Portland, Oregon, the item never left and tastes the same as it always has.


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1st to Post on Instagram They are Back!!! Kirkland Signature Chicken Bake $2.99 With Chicken 🐓 Breast, cheese 🧀 Bacon 🥓, and Caesar Dressing Only 840 Calories 😉 They were different than the older version but good… I found them a bit saltier with a different crust. When we asked the cashier they said they are Pre made now. Worth a try… Let us know how you like them… Enjoyed this one @costco Glenview, IL.

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The One Thing You Should Never Order at Costco's Food Court

Although the Costco chicken bake is high in calories and sodium, it is actually a better option than others. It's the option with the lowest amount of saturated fat but has the most protein with a whopping 46 grams. Steer clear of the turkey wrap and the cheese pizza, if they're available. For more information, here are The Best & Worst Menu Items at Costco's Food Court.

The price of the Costco chicken bake is still consistent with other menu items — except for the churros. The fried treats are now $1.49 instead of only $1. However, only one Costco location is getting the new version of this old staple, so the rest of the country will have to wait to try it out.

If your location's food court menu is still lacking chicken bakes, the frozen section might have a box you can take home and bake yourself, according to Fox Business. The box of six individually wrapped and microwavable pockets follow the food court recipe.

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