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These 9 Food Items are Vanishing from Costco Shelves

There's an easy way to tell what's going away, too.

You never know what you're going to find in the aisles at Costco—that's part of the fun of shopping there. But it can also be heartbreaking if you find a favorite bulk-buy snack, only to have it disappear from Costco shelves. Well, here's a little secret: You can tell what's vanishing at Costco just by looking at the in-store price tags!

An asterisk on a Costco price tag means that Costco isn't going to keep carrying that item. That doesn't necessarily mean that the item is discontinued—just that you won't be seeing it at the warehouse club again anytime soon. With that in mind, we visited our local Costco in New York to see which food items had asterisks on their tags. If you had your eye on any of these items, now is the time to scoop them up.

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Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle Two-Pack

contigo snapseal travel mug with marble pattern
Courtesy of Contigo

We saw this two-pack at Costco for $12.97. If you're in the market for a double-wall metal water bottle or coffee mug, this is a great deal. Not into metal? There were also three-packs of plastic Contigo water bottles at Costco for the same price.

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Bamboo Enamel Salad Bowl with Utensils

caesar salad with meat and eggs in black bowl
Voloshyna Anna/Shutterstock

If you're in the market for a new set of serving ware, be sure to check the aisles of your local Costco warehouse. We saw a black enamel set featuring a salad bowl and serving utensils for just $9.97! But it did have an asterisk on the tag, so it won't be there for long.

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Power Up Trail Mix Variety Pack

bag of power up antioxidant trail mix
Courtesy of Gourmet Nut

We saw an asterisk on a 24-pack of individually-wrapped servings of this trail mix. The flavors at our local Costco included the antioxidant mix, the mega omega trail mix, and the high-energy trail mix. If you don't feel like making a homemade batch, this could be an easy option to take on the go.

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Jacques Torres Fruit & Nut Clusters

bag of jacques torres fruit and nut clusters

These tasty treats are almost too good to be true. If you see them at your local Costco, stock up while you can! These are the perfect snack for dark chocolate lovers.

Aufschnitt Glatt Kosher Beef Jerky

bag of aufschnitt beef jerky

This jerky was just $5.97 at our Costco store! At that price point, it's worth a try.

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Luna Lemon Zest Minis

luna lemon zest bars

We're not sure if this was an unpopular flavor or there's just massive overstock, but a 32-pack of these mini bars was just $4.97 at Costco. Now that's a steal!

Godiva Coconut Crunch Chocolate Domes

godiva coconut crunch chocolate domes

Another chocolate treat with an asterisk on the price tag, these chocolate domes look perfect for coconut lovers.

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Barton's Dark Chocolate Apricots

bartons dark chocolate apricots

A bag of these apricots was $9.97 at our local Costco. If these are one of your favorite dried fruits, it might be a good time to stock up.



A bag of garlic and herb RightRice was just $2.97 at Costco, making it even cheaper than regular rice. If you're looking for a rice alternative that's a good source of protein, you won't find a better steal.

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Meghan De Maria
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