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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About a 'Fantastic' New Sweet Snack

Fans can't get enough of this snackable, miniature version of Girl Scouts' beloved Samoa cookies.
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Girl Scout cookie season is almost upon us, and Costco is getting ahead of those winter cravings with a new snack that shoppers are calling "fantastic" and "dangerous"—as in, it's impossible to have just one. Luckily, these treats are so small that you don't have to stick to just one. Introducing: Girl Scout Coconut Caramel Bites, inspired by Girl Scouts' beloved Samoa cookies, which deliver the same familiar and delicious flavor in a more compact treat.

While Costco has dabbled in Girl Scout cookie-inspired treats before with snacks like Thin Mints Bites, this offering is for fans of Samoas, and features a crispy center wrapped in caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate. On the Costco subreddit, shoppers are going crazy for these sweet flavor bombs, with one writing, "I have been devouring these all day! They are so good!" and delighting in the fact that there's now a snack-size version of their favorite Girl Scout cookie. "Caramel Delights are my favorite," wrote another shopper, with another adding: "I did NOT need to know these exist. Oh my."

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Further investigation reveals that you can snag a 20 oz. bag of Coconut Caramel Bites for $11.99, and, per the nutrition label, you can enjoy nine of these delectables mini-cookies for just 150 calories, making them the perfect afternoon, after-dinner, or anytime-at-all treat to satisfy your sweet tooth when cravings hit.

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Several Redditors are planning to move up their scheduled Costco trip to get their hands on these sweet treats sooner—even if their last trip to the club was as recent as…earlier today. "I was already at Costco today and I'm thinking about going back," wrote one shopper. "Might make a 30-minute trip just for the chance of getting these," wrote another. With the frenzy building around these little bites of joy, we recommend stocking up on at least two or three bags if you do get your hands on them, since it seems likely that supplies won't last. And since these aren't available online, you'll have to go in person to try them out—not that it's ever a bad thing to have an excuse to go and roam the Costco aisles.

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