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Costco's New Fresh & Colorful Salad Kit Drawing Rave Reviews

The toppings have us ready to dig in!

A salad for a fall lunch may not be the first thing that comes to your hungry mind, but when you see the new mixed greens salad with pecans and goat cheese at Costco you'll think differently.

The problem with many salads is that they're just boring, but this one, which you'll find in the deli case with other prepared foods, features so many different colorful ingredients, you'll want to give it a try as soon as possible.

Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco-themed Instagram account @costcohotfinds, posted an Instagram video showing off the Mixed Greens Salad with a bunch of colorful, crunchy toppings, and it had her followers ready to dig in.

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"This one is huge and it only cost me about twelve dollars," Lamb said. She goes on to describe the ingredients, which include dried cranberries, chopped bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and a honey Dijon vinaigrette. She can be seen removing the ingredients from the container and chopping them up to more appealing, bite-sized pieces: she halves the grape tomatoes, chops the pecans, and drizzles on a healthy amount of the dressing.

Lamb notes that the salad actually came with two packets of dressing but that she only used one "and it came out perfect."

Some Instagram followers suggested Lamb could even chop up her greens so that the salad would be easier to bite, and she agreed.

"This looks so good," one user wrote.

"It really is great!" Lamb replied. "I thought about throwing some chicken on it."

Another commenter also recommended throwing some rotisserie on the salad to make it an even more complete meal.

"Pecans, yum!!" wrote another commenter.

"This looks amazing," wrote another person.

Lamb ended her video with the suggestion that the salad could be used for meal prep for the whole week.

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While Lamb calls this a "new" find, Natalie of Costco-centric blog Costcuisine actually reviewed a very similar Costco salad also featuring mixed greens, pecans, and goat cheese earlier this year. "I love this salad," she wrote in her review. "We served it as a side salad with steak and I ate about three bowls worth. It's delicious. The goat cheese is my favorite part. It's creamy, tangy and salty and pairs well with the sweetness of the dried cranberries."

Costco has been doing well by shoppers who want to eat their greens. Earlier this year, the retailer brought back the fan-favorite Chicken Caesar Salad to the food court. This big, filling salad features rotisserie chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing, all for $6.99.

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