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Costco Introduces Adorable Holiday-Shaped Pasta

Cheesy and colorful, the ravioli is perfect as a festive December meal.

Costco sure knows how to get shoppers constantly returning for more festive foods. If you're stocking up for December feasts, don't bypass the new Italian-inspired item while you're loading up your cart with peppermint bark and gingerbread cakes.

Holiday Five Cheese Ravioli just appeared on Costco's shelves, and you're going to want to stock up on this adorable filled pasta to bring some brightness all winter long.

The two-pack of multicolored pasta stuffed with a blend of asiago, parmesan, mozzarella, romano, and ricotta cheese features green tree-shaped ravioli and yellow bell-shaped ravioli. At $9.99 for two 16-ounce packs, the cute pastas are also a deal, though prices, of course, can vary.

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Instagram influencer @Costcobuys posted about the ravioli, which are already attracting a lot of attention. They are also the same price, $9.99, as when the Michigan-based creator posted them last year, which means they're recession-proof.

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The holiday ravioli are very easy to quickly cook and eat with jarred sauce, pesto, or butter, and can be made even more festive with a pesto and marinara combo, perhaps drizzled with some alfredo or snow-like grated parmesan cheese. The bells and trees can also easily be separated for single-colored festive plating (or for picky kids).

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Created in partnership with Nuovo Pasta, the holiday ravioli may be familiar to those who follow Costco's seasonal pasta offerings. Earlier this year, a Halloween pumpkin- and bat-shaped ravioli were a hit, as were green shamrock ravioli for St. Patrick's Day, and red heart-shaped ravioli for Valentine's Day. The holiday ravioli have been sold at Costco for several years, and are always a popular find.

The cheese ravioli cook in boiling water in just a few minutes. While they're sold refrigerated, the packs freeze easily for months and can be prepared without defrosting.

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