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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About the Warehouse's 'Best Dessert Item'

The sorbet is only available during summer at most Costco locations.
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Between all the massive bakery items and snackable sweets, Costco's shelves are positively stacked with craveable treat options. But according to some shoppers, a tropical confection in Costco's freezer aisle surpasses every other dessert available at the retailer right now. 

Shoppers have been taking to social media lately to fawn over Island Way Sorbet, a frozen item available at Costco warehouses nationwide during the summer months and in select regions year-round. The product returned to Costco for its summer 2024 run in early April and has been garnering plenty of adoration in the retailer's fanbase ever since. 

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"Let me just say that Island Way Sorbet might be the best dessert item sold at Costco," a shopper raved on Reddit this week.

"I don't buy these anymore because they are too good and I need to protect myself," another fan commented.

The popular frozen treat consists of fruit sorbet with a touch of cream served in natural fruit shells, such as orange and lemon peels. Costco sells them in 12-count boxes with four flavors: Heavenly Coconut (190 calories), Ruby Red Berry (120 calories), Passionate Mango (70 calories), and Zesty Pomegranate (70 calories). 

Island Way Sorbet
Courtesy of Island Way Sorbet

The product's novelty, "delicious" flavor, and relatively low calorie count have made it a must-buy summer item for many Costco shoppers.

"This is one of the best food items Costco carries. It's unique, delicious, and healthy. We buy it every summer and everyone I've shared it with loves it," a Redditor said of the sorbet this week.

"I've been eating those for 25 years," another wrote.

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The product is currently selling for $18.71 online at my local Costco in Edison, N.J., but prices could vary and tend to be lower when shopping in person.

Even if you don't have a Costco membership, there are other ways interested customers can get their hands on a box of Island Way Sorbet. According to the brand's website, you may also find it in stock at Smart & Final stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada; Food 4 Less and Food Maxx stores in Northern California; Northgate, Cardenas, and Big Saver stores in Southern California; and BJ's Wholesale Club locations on the East Coast from Maine to Florida.

Island Way Sorbet isn't the only frozen treat that has been inspiring buzz in the Costco community lately. Shoppers have also been fawning over La Boulangerie's Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwiches, which the Instagram account @costcohotbuys called "dangerously delicious."

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