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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About a Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookie "Dupe"

Nothing beats the classic confection—except maybe this excellent imitation.

Among the countless comfort foods that are out there, nothing hits the spot quite like a chocolate chip cookie. Whether dunked in a glass of milk, coupled with ice cream, or eaten straight out of the oven, the classic dessert knows how to satisfy—and keep people coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and so on.

This has certainly proven to be the case with one chocolate chip cookie variety sold at Costco. In a recent Reddit thread, one user shared a photo of the Kirkland Signature Thin & Crispy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, captioning the post, "I've made a huge mistake buying the KS thin & crispy chocolate chip cookies. I've been reminded of my lack of self-control." The thread has since racked up more than 200 comments, with numerous Reddit users gushing over the sweet treat.

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"I'm pretty sure I finished that whole bag in a day last time I bought them. Never again," one Redditor wrote. Another user added, "Those are so good, they are a Tate's dupe," referring to the popular Hampton's-based baked goods brand known for its thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. A couple of other Reddit users highlighted the Tate's comparison in their comments, with one person concluding that the Costco chocolate chip cookies still reign supreme.

Meanwhile, some users weighed in on how the Kirkland confection compares to the Famous Amos brand of chocolate chip cookies. One person said that the Costco cookies are "10000 times better," while another one commented, "…These are soooo much better!! And I like that they don't feel as "heavy"; the thinness and size are just perfect!"

For an additional twist on the sweet snack, a handful of users even suggested eating the chocolate chip cookies like cereal by putting them in a bowl of milk.

Kirkland Signature's Thin & Crispy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies aren't the only items at Costco that shoppers have been applauding. On Feb. 4, Instagram user @costcohotfinds spotted Eastern Standard Provisions' Artisanal Soft Pretzels at a Costco warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area. Priced at $11.99 and available in select locations, the boxes feature three types of pretzels and three topping options, prompting many Instagrammers to express their fondness for the product—and the price.

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