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Costco's Popular Pie Is Actually "Overhyped" and "Mediocre," According to Some Customers

The viral dessert has received rave reviews from many Costco shoppers, but not everyone is digging it.

While Costco is no stranger to fanfare over its popular bakery items, none have achieved quite as much hype in 2023 as the viral peanut butter chocolate pie.

First spotted around mid-March, the massive and decadent decadent dessert weighs in at roughly four to five pounds and is selling for a whopping $19.99 at many locations. Fans of the pies have flooded the dedicated Costco page on Reddit with rave reviews, and one TikTok about the buzzworthy dessert has racked up nearly four million views and more than 188,000 likes.

But not even the most popular products are guaranteed to go unscathed in the court of public opinion. In fact, a growing number of Costco shoppers have been speaking up with some unexpectedly negative opinions about the treat.

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In a Reddit post yesterday, one of these customers revealed that they thought the pie wasn't that great. This shopper said that they'd seen social media posts about the treat for weeks and only recently found it in stock at their local warehouse.

Costco chocolate peanut butter pies
Photo: Chris Shott, Eat This, Not That!

"I had a small piece as soon as I got home and….It wasn't very good," the customer wrote. "The flavor wasn't quite right. The chocolate didn't seem to go well with the peanut butter. The consistency was more like a frosting than a pie filling. I thought the crust was pretty good, but not good enough to overcome two lackluster layers of filling."

The shopper then asked if any fellow Costco fans felt the same and received more than 240 comments on the post, many from customers who agreed that the pies don't deserve the hype. One called it "mediocre at best," while others described it as overly rich and sweet.

"Compared to the other bakery options, it's a solid 'meh,'" another said.

While some members conceded that the pie didn't necessarily taste bad, they still felt that it wasn't nearly as good as the price and fanfare led them to believe.

"Overhyped. Overpriced. Will not buy again. But with that said, it did not taste bad, and the folks at Easter dinner ate about 70% of it," one commented.

The consistency of the pie also generated several complaints, though some Reddit users said that freezing it can provide a "major texture upgrade." Freezing the pie may also serve the dual purpose of preventing it from going to waste, since some members said they weren't able to finish the sizable item.

While critics of the peanut butter chocolate pie have seized the opportunity to air their grievances. other Costco members haven't had the opportunity to try it at all. Several customers shared on Reddit last week that they were seeing major shortages of the pie at their local warehouses, particularly locations in the Pacific Northwest and parts of New England.

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