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Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough of a Sweet & Spicy Snack Mix: 'Addicted'

The new item is filled with all sorts of flavorful bites.
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From baked goods to motor oil, Costco's private-label brand, Kirkland Signature, spans a variety of warehouse club departments. And under this brand, there's one new sweet and spicy snack that has shoppers buzzing.

This week, Costco members took to Reddit to rave about the warehouse club's Sweet Heat Snack Mix (160 calories per serving). Available in 24-ounce resealable bags, this mix contains a combination of seasoned and barbecue-flavored cracker-coated almonds, seasoned cashews, honey-roasted sesame sticks, seasoned honey-glazed pecans, and corn nuggets.

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"Can't get enough of the Sweet Heat snack mix!" one fan wrote in a Reddit thread that has racked up numerous positive comments about the Kirkland Signature item.

Can't get enough of the Sweet Heat snack mix!
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"I have a bag in my car to snack on. One at my work to snack on. One at my girlfriends house and two at my house 🤷🏻‍♂️ Which reminds me, I should probably pick up a few more bags 😂," a commenter shared.

Another fan, who "tore through a bag of these in a few days," described this snack as a "never ending bag of crunchy spicy goodness." One customer simply wrote, "Addicted!!!"

This isn't the first instance of Costco shoppers praising this new snack mix on social media. The item has sparked additional Reddit threads, Instagram posts, and TikTok videos.

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The popular item is currently listed online for $10.99. However, pricing may vary by location, and Costco products are typically cheaper when purchased at the warehouse.

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Besides this new snack mix, Costco shoppers have been applauding plenty of other items on Reddit. Earlier this year, Costco members were buzzing about Orion Turtle Chips. This Korean corn snack consists of four crunchy layers that resemble a turtle's shell.

The snack comes in several other flavors like vanilla, corn soup, and seaweed, but the one that captured the attention of Costco members was chocolate churro (160 calories per serving). Shoppers can purchase this popular snack at Asian markets, as well as other retailers like Walmart.

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